Changing Patterns

Through my spiritual awakening, I noticed that I had many patterns in my life that I had unknowingly been perpetuating. And although since the moment of becoming aware of these I have made a conscious effort to allow them to release, the real releasing happens in practice when I’m living my life. Not when I am writing in my journal, alone, intellectualising the issue.

Recently I have found myself faced with the opportunity to change a big pattern in my life that will ultimately set me free from a lot of past hurt, both from this life and past. That can often happen – the universe presents us with something that we think we have worked through to see if we can put that work into practice. A cosmic test, if you will. I have a choice – to respond in a way that serves me, aids my development and allows me to put into affect everything I have learnt and teach about up until this point. Or I could choose to fall back into the old pattern of being and watch the cycle begin again. I know which I have chosen. I also know the only way to deal with what is coming up for me is to move through it, to be challenged and to choose differently. That is my way out. But it’s not easy.

Our thoughts, feelings and emotions are always a choice. The challenge of changing patterns, both in our behaviour, thoughts and response to things, happens when we are with people. When people trigger us and challenge us, it can be all too easy to fall back into old habits. They often come as an automatic reaction – our bodies get used to responding in a certain way. Sometimes it can even feel out of our control. In these moments, rather than thinking about changing anything, it is best to use presence and awareness. Just by being with what is going on in your body you begin to reprogram yourself- telling your mind and body that you don’t necessarily need to react in the way you have done before. You give yourself time – time to move away from anger and fear rather than driving that neuron pathway deeper into the brain. That presence also makes it a lot easier for you to change the feeling or response when it feels doable, rather than fighting against something that your body has been doing for its whole life. In that instance, the familiarity will always win.

I am grateful that I have been presented with the opportunity to change these patterns. It is a joy to learn and evolve in this way. I saw a quote recently that sums this post up, by astrologist and psychic Dee Weldon Bird:

‘A lesson learnt isn’t a lesson at all if it lacks experience’.

With Love, Light & Best Wishes,

Ciara X

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