Yoga Classes

So many people tell me that they would love to go to a yoga class but they just aren’t flexible enough. The truth is, yoga is for everyone. Not only will you watch your body increase in flexibility, strength and vitality, but you will have the pleasure of allowing your mind to still and your soul to strengthen. Yoga is about being brave enough to remove the layers and journey towards the truth of who you are.

Group Classes

My group classes are currently taught at the beautiful Saints Green Place in North End, backing onto the fields just outside Felsted. Classes run at a pace suitable for the level of students, and always with modifications on postures so you can take the option that suits your body best at that time. Classes include Pranayama (breathing practice), Asana (physical practice) and meditation/relaxation. Elements of yogic philosophy is brought in to enhance the quality of your practice. 

Saints Green Place, North End

Monday @ 6.00pm 
1 hour Vinyasa Flow for Beginners – £8.00 

Wednesday @ 7.30pm 
1 hour Vinyasa Flow for Beginners – £8.00 

Please contact me before attending a class for information on booking and payment, as I have restrictions on numbers and may have to add you to the waiting list. PLEASE NOTE DUE TO THE NATIONAL LOCK DOWN THESE CLASSES ARE CURRENTLY SUSPENDED. SEE ZOOM CLASSES FOR CURRENT TIMETABLE.

I also offer arm chair yoga classes for those with less mobility, but still wanting to bring yoga into their life! Please inquire via email for more information.

Zoom Classes

The perfect way to to find Calm Within your home. Grab a mat, get comfy and settle in! All without having to drive home.

Wednesday @ 7.30pm 
1 hour Vinyasa Flow for All Levels – £8.00

Thursday @ 8.00pm 
30 minute Meditation – £4.00

Please inquire via email. I am also offering compassion passes for those financially struggling at the moment. This means that you can enter all of my Zoom sessions for FREE. Please let me know upon inquiry.

Moon Baths & Special Events

I run Moon Bath’s every two weeks in line with the New and Full Moons in collaboration with my mum, Samantha Waterfield at Elysium Holistic Therapy. A moon bath is 2 hours of Yoga, meditation and gong therapy designed to help you navigate the energy of the Lunar cycle with ease. If you are interested in living in harmony with our moon and the cyclical nature of life, then this is for you! Please contact me via email for more details and to secure your place at our next Moon Bath.

Classes subject to change along with Government guidelines for the pandemic.

Please note that your first class with me is free (excluding moon baths).