Yoga Classes

So many people tell me that they would love to go to a yoga class but they just aren’t flexible enough. The truth is, yoga is for everyone. Not only will you watch your body increase in flexibility, strength and vitality, but you will have the pleasure of allowing your mind to still and your soul to strengthen. Yoga is about being brave enough to remove the layers and journey towards the truth of who you are.

Group Classes

Group classes are currently taught at the beautiful Saints Green Place in North End, backing on to the fields just outside Felsted. Classes run at a pace suitable for the level of students, and always with modifications on postures so you can take the option that suits your body best at that time. Classes include Pranayama (breathing practice), Asana (physical practice) and meditation/relaxation. Elements of yogic philosophy are brought in to enhance the quality of your practice. I run all classes in 6 week blocks. Please contact me for upcoming dates.

Monday @ 6.00pm 
1 hour Back to Basics – Beginners Vinyasa Flow – £50.00 for 6 weeks, £10 to drop in.

This beginners level class is a perfect way to introduce yourself to the world of Vinyasa flow. We visit and build upon fundamental set sequences of a Vinyasa flow practice and take a closer look at poses at a comfortable pace. The next block of classes is from Monday 25th April – Monday 30th May.

Wednesday @ 7.30pm 
1 hour All Levels Vinyasa Flow – £50 for all 6 weeks, £10 per session to drop in

A class appropriate to challenge a less experienced practitioner or give a seasoned yogi an interesting, thought provoking flow. Each class has a different theme each week, which is linked to Thursday night’s meditations (you don’t have to join the meditations to attend the classes, but you may like to continue thinking about the theme for the week through meditation). The next 6 week block is from Wednesday 27th April – Wednesday 1st June, with no class on Wednesday 25th May.

Please contact me before attending a class for information on booking and payment, as I have restrictions on numbers and may have to add you to the waiting list.

Private Classes

I also teach privately to individuals and small groups upon request. Private yoga classes allow you to deepen your practice and discover your bodies needs, with more time to ask questions and dwell on a pose. These sessions are always client lead to allow you to get the most out of a session. Investment price is £45 for a private or £60 for two people (sessions are an hour long).

Moon Baths & Special Events

I run Moon Bath’s every two weeks in line with the New and Full Moons in collaboration with my mum, Samantha Waterfield at Elysium Holistic Therapy. A moon bath is 2 hours of Yoga, meditation and gong therapy designed to help you navigate the energy of the Lunar cycle with ease. If you are interested in living in harmony with our moon and the cyclical nature of life, then this is for you! Please contact me via email for more details and to secure your place at our next Moon Bath.

Classes subject to change along with Government guidelines for the pandemic.

AWAKEN YOUR LIFE – A Yoga In Action Workshop

I am currently running a workshop series delving deeper into various areas of Yogic Philosophy. Each workshop consists of an hour yoga practice, half an hour social over homemade vegan snacks and tea and an hour philosophy discussion with an open floor approach. I am so excited to share this beautiful way of life and how to apply it to everyday living in a relaxed setting. Please email me for further details and to find out when the next workshop is.

I also am happy to offer gift vouchers for any classes or workshops upon request.

Please note that I am still a working actress (a passion of mine that I will always want to fulfil!) and class time tables and events are subject to change around acting work. I will always give as much notice as I can and will find an appropriate cover teacher if needs be. If possible I will conduct sessions myself via Zoom. Thank you for your understanding.