Ciara Waterfield

Yoga and holistic living has been a big part of my life since a young age. My mum (founder and owner of Elysium Holistic Therapy) and I used to do yoga classes together, and my mum has always encouraged me to look after myself in the most natural & nourishing way for my body both inside and out. My natural wellbeing journey began with the ancient philosophy of yoga, which is the core of what I live my life by. 

I first left school to study acting and I graduated from CPA Studios as a professional actress in 2017. Whilst beginning my acting career, I quickly realised yoga and holistic practices would become an even bigger part of my life to allow me to maintain a physical and mental equilibrium in an ever changing and challenging industry. My yoga practice became a daily occurrence and it is safe to say that this beautiful philosophy and practice has, and will continue to take me through the most difficult points in my life, as well as allowing me to sail through the love, happiness and abundance that life has to offer. If you choose to practice with me, I will work in each class to bring this to you too. 

Fast forward three years and I turned a passion into a profession. I am a graduate of Frog Lotus Yoga’s 200hr Teacher Training in Vinyasa Flow, studying at the beautiful Suryalila Retreat Centre in Andalucia, Spain. I am also a graduate of the ‘Peaceful Babes’ children’s teacher training course, and also Catherine Gallaghers ‘EMPOWER’ programme. I am insured by Yoga Alliance. 

But my journey didn’t stop there. My interest in holistic living stretches beyond yoga, to other ancient sciences and practices such as Ayurveda, working with the energy in the body, crystals and much more. I am currently training to become a Holistic Health Coach with The Institute of Integrative Nutrition – you can find out more about this by visiting the Health Coaching page of the site. I take pieces of information from courses that I have been on, books I read, videos I watch, my students, my teachers, nature – and these help to inform all of the work I put into the world. My love of performing drives me to create in any form I can – whether that is writing yoga classes, poetry, journal prompts, dancing before I leave the house in the morning, singing, you name it! I LOVE learning. At the moment the core of my other holistic explorations is documented in my blog, but the more I learn the more I will be able to offer you and I can’t wait to see what offerings I develop for you all under Compassionate Awakened Living.

I cannot express my gratitude enough that you have taken the time to be here on this page.

With Love, Light and Best Wishes, 

Ciara X

Featured photographs on this website were taken by Liane Ryan Photography.