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My name is Ciara. I am so excited and honoured to welcome you to this space. The greatest adventure of my life began the moment I began to turn to a more natural, intentional way of living a few years ago. A journey that began with a morning Yoga practice birthed into an exploration of living a life deeply committed to myself, the collective and our planet. In a modern world where the emphasis is driving forward away from nature and towards tech, I have begun to return slowly back to our mother – the Earth. I have found deep solace in the philosophy of Yoga, ancient wisdoms and spiritual practices and I am continuously healed by nature. I aim to share what I continue to learn with you, through this website. Maybe the blog will resonate with you, where I share how I implement the teachings of Yoga and other spiritual practices into my life. Or maybe you would like to check out what Yoga and meditation classes I offer. Or maybe you would like support transforming your health. If so, visit the Health Coaching page. Whatever your interest is, don’t hesitate to reach out by commenting on a post or sending an email. I would love to hear from you. Together, we can create a community who is committed to Compassionate Awakened Living.

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The ‘Listen’ Retreat – Andalucia 2023

A lot of my Dharma (purpose) in this lifetime has been surrounding creating experiences for people to move through. Thinking back to performing – the art of facilitating a story for people to experience. Waitressing. My current office work creating events. And now the one that I feel is most important and my TRUE purpose […]

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Newsletter – November 2022

I had a fantastic opportunity on the retreat I have just finished assisting on for Catherine Gallagher. One that was about to take me into the next level of my career. I had the opportunity to lead a group of incredible women of all ages in an immersive workshop, the first time I had done […]

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You Are The Sign

On my path, I have discovered so many tools that have helped guide me and make decisions – from angel numbers and tarot, to oracle decks and spirit animals, to the advice of mentors, psychics and healers. They have, and still continue, to serve me well. But there can come a point where these things […]

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