Newsletter – September 2022

The Universe Brings What is Meant for You.


I am writing this September newsletter from beautiful Spain, as I get ready to drive back to the UK tomorrow. I have had a wonderful holiday and a fabulous month off. As always, beauty has come and lessons have come. My love for life and everything in it has deepened, and there have been patterns I have also begun letting go of.

One thing that has become really apparent over the last month is that the opportunities that are meant for you will not pass you by. The universe brings what you need. And what doesn’t align with your life will simply not happen. When I wrote my last newsletter I had every intention of starting 2 brand new classes in September. I had more enquiries coming in than ever, business was (and still is) really booming and I had found two beautiful potential new studios that I couldn’t wait to start teaching at. I had been plugging advertisement with one of these studios and began to finalise talks with the second.

I have beautiful, loyal returning clients at Saints Green Place and my two classes there were filled immediately. But half way through August, one of the new studios denied my request to teach there unexpectedly. The other new studio I had NO ONE sign up to my class. This was really unusual, especially after 6 weeks of advertising. Because my business was growing at such a rate and I was in a fabulous flow of things, this slight set back I will admit made me feel a little deflated. I have since decided to pull both of those classes and focus on private clients, workshops and my existing two classes at Saints Green Place.

I had a fantastic tarot reading for my birthday mid August and I was given some brilliant advice. To contain my ideas and enthusiasm and return to the core of why I began this business in the first place. To remember the heart of Compassionate Awakened Living and remain true to my ethos. The business will come, she said, if I continue to work from this place. This really allowed me to take a step back and reflect. I began CAL in the journey from my own place of pain to a place of deep peace, with a desire to bring Yoga and healing to the world, whether that was to one person or to 100 people. Had I been choosing to expand to gain more money, a panic to earn a living? Or was it because these opportunities were the natural forming of communities that wanted to come together for a common goal, and I happened to be the conduit? I began to see these classes that haven’t worked as a blessing in disguise. In the blur of all the opportunities coming my way recently, I had lost a little the truth of my work. It was time for me to take stock of the direction of where I want to go, and the kind of business I want to develop. I trust that new classes will form in places that feel right when the time comes, not because I want to rush to expand. For now I am honoured to nurture the gorgeous Yoga and Coaching community we have. Thank you to all of my ongoing clients for sticking by me and trusting my souls work for another year. It humbles me more than you know.

This month at Compassionate Awakened Living, a new block of classes at Saints Green Place will start. Back to Basics (Beginners Level) will be on Mondays at 6PM and General Level will be on Wednesdays at 7.30PM. I have a couple of block spaces available for Mondays and Wednesdays are totally full, however I am accepting drop ins for both classes. Please see the classes page for more details, or drop me an email.

We begin looking at the Niyamas this month in the ‘Awaken Your Life – Yoga In Action’ workshops. These 2.5 hour sessions see us move though an hour Asana (physical practice), an hour philosophy discussion and a small social with homemade vegan snacks and tea. These workshops are part of a series but can also be attended individually. If you wish to deepen your practice, then join us on Sunday 18th September at 2.30PM. Please message me for more details.

Myself and Morgan at Parties by MJS are looking at hosting a fantastic women’s only event towards the end of Autumn filled with luxury and Magick, and my mum (Sam at Elysium Holistic Therapy) and I will be collaborating very soon on a 2023 RETREAT in Andalucia, Spain. We are in the initial stages of talking about it and details will be available as soon as they are finalised.

Lastly, I am available for private Yoga classes and Coaching sessions. If you prefer to work one on one and want to work through refining your Yoga practice, or indeed feel a pull to look at other areas of your life, then get in touch and we can have a chat. I also provide gift vouchers for either of the above.

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I can’t wait to get back into a new term. See you all very soon on the mat!

With Love, Light & Best Wishes,

Ciara X

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