Newsletter – July 2022

Thank you for your patience whilst I got this months newsletter out. The past few weeks have been mental – I don’t like to complain because they have been filled with things that I have wanted to do, however I have had very little time for true rest, to not go anywhere and be still. On Saturday, when I figured I would have time to write this newsletter, I actually was laying face down on the sofa. I so badly needed to rest. Now, I really don’t advocate for getting yourself to that stage. But sometimes life does also happen and it’s unavoidable.

A lot of people see my social media and think I have it totally together all of the time. That my life is constantly completely zen. And a lot of the time I do practice what I preach. Everything I do and live – Yoga, my personal practice, having a healthful and natural lifestyle – are corner stones of who I am most of the time. I generally try to make conscious choices in each moment. But sometimes the living happens. When I haven’t got time, or I don’t feel like it, or fancy doing something else altogether. I always have those practices to come back to, and I would never let myself go too long without touching base with myself. I do aim to do at least one thing that contributes to my overall wellbeing daily. But if you are ever feeling inadequate, like you are not doing enough, or you’ve been finding it difficult to get the things in that you really advocate for, PLEASE remember – that the people who you think have it all together have moments like that too. I have been enjoying my life in different ways than my usual lifestyle and that has involved late nights, early mornings, a little alcohol and LOTS of food (all whilst binge watching Game of Thrones…), as well as plenty of work. There is time and space for it all and I am slowly bringing myself back into that balance place with love in my heart.

I am taking August off this year at Compassionate Awakened Living to make time for a much needed holiday, as well as solar return celebrations (hello sunshine and Leo season!), so the next newsletter after this one will be September. We tie off the current 6 week blocks of classes, ready to start once again week commencing Monday 5th September and running until week commencing Monday 10th October. I will be teaching 2 classes at Saints Green Place in North End – Beginners on Monday’s at 6.00PM and General on Wednesday’s at 7.30PM. Joining these will be a BRAND NEW class at The Old Joinery Yoga studio, a gorgeous space backing onto the fields just outside Colchester. This will be a General class on Thursday’s at 6.15PM. If you have never done Yoga before and want to develop a well rounded practice, or are a more seasoned Yogi looking for interestingly themed classes then I may just be the teacher for you. If one on one time is more your thing, I also teach privately. Head over to the classes page for more info.

The ‘Awaken Your Life’ – Yoga In Action workshop series will be starting up again in September along with Moon Baths, but until then I will be teaching at Claire Romero’s ‘F*cking Fabulous Female Retreat’ at Tey Brook Farm in mid July, which I CANNOT WAIT for. Spending a few days in the middle of the countryside with Yoga, Women’s circles, flower crafts, healing and full moon rituals, wild swimming, vegetarian food (and that’s just a taster) will be such a special experience, and I am blessed to be able to hold space for a group of wonderful women on this retreat. The retreat is fully booked at the moment, but follow the link to Claire’s website ( to check out where you can find out about the next one. Thank you Claire for asking me along!

Over on Instagram live I am running ‘The Coaching Series’. This series of interviews sees me talking to other coaches about their story, their area of expertise and how they can help YOU. Not many people know what a coach is, or whether they may need one! These video interviews will hopefully give you a little more of an insight into where you can get some help and support in a different way to what is ordinarily offered. The series began with a solo chat about my own story and what I do as a coach. I then spoke to Anxiety and Mindset coach Gemma James, and tomorrow I will be chatting with Teen coach and PSYCH K Facilitator Gemma Marks. All of these videos are available on my Instagram grid. Go and give @compassionate_awakened_living a follow to check it out! If you’re interested in working with me after watching an interview then head over to the Compassionate Awakened Coaching page to find out more.

I wish you all the most wonderful Summer soaking up plenty of gorgeous Solar energy and recharging in whichever way you need to. I will be back in September ready to start again.

With Love, Light & Best Wishes,

Ciara X

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