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Ciara’s classes are so much more than just the physical aspect of yoga

I started to practice yoga with Ciara nearly two years ago when she first started teaching. A new class seemed a good idea to bring some normality into the first lockdown. The quality of her class shone through Zoom and I have been hooked ever since. Once the class opened in person, it was even better.

There’s the anticipation of the weekly intention/theme, the pleasure when the practice goes well (and learning to laugh when it doesn’t go quite according to plan) and the reward of the cool down meditation.

Ciara passes on her wisdom clearly when describing something new and there’s no judgement, you practice at your own pace. There’s also a subtlety as well when I haven’t realised I’ve been learning until some time later. I have learned about yoga, found new poetry and music and discovered so much about myself. – Sue Lucas

I have been attending Ciara’s yoga classes for 18 months and it is the most relaxing yoga I have ever done.  The setting in the heart of the Essex countryside is idyllic and in the summer we can practice outside.  Her voice and delivery of the classes are warm and relaxing . I really look forward to my weekly sessions and cannot praise her highly enough. – Sue Leslie

Having been with Ciara for a few weeks now I can openly say her classes are the best yoga classes I have been to (and there has been many). Ciara’s approach is different to what I have experienced before focusing more on mindfulness and working from within rather than the physical appearance. Since being with Ciara I feel my mental state is far stronger, I am less anxious and as mentioned working on within, my digestive system is functioning much better than it has in a long time.

I look forward to my midweek class as I know I am going to feel amazing after class and for the remainder of my highly busy weeks. She is also a very lovely, kind, smiley person so always a pleasure to be in her energy. – Sarah Shalders

I came to Ciara’s beginners yoga class to support my anxiety and do something positive for myself physically, as a mum of 2 young children I don’t have much time to myself! Her classes have had such a great impact, that I have continued into her weekly classes & taken part in her yoga philosophy workshops. Ciara’s classes are so much more than just the physical aspect of yoga, I have learnt so much and come away from every class feeling transformed and restored in some way. She creates a warm, welcoming and spiritual environment and I can’t wait to keep sharing my journey as part of her classes. – Becca Bedier

I have absolutely loved my yoga practice with you and when I missed a week I then realised the positive impact that it has had in me! Your chanting is also an amazing experience. Will definitely be joining your next classes. – Penny Lazell


Compassionate Awakened Coaching

I don’t normally do things like this on social media but I feel I need to give a massive shout out to @compassionate_awakened_living for the amazing life coaching sessions she has given me these past few months. If you’re a young female and feel like there’s some areas in your life where you’re not happy or reaching your full potential or just want someone to hold you accountable for reaching your goals, I honestly couldn’t recommend Ciara enough. She will work with you to understand the areas in your life where you may feel you’re lacking satisfaction and set achievable goals and send regular resources which will help you get back on track to get to where you want to be. I now appreciate how important investing in yourself really is, thank you Ciara. – Jessica Frith (transcribed from Instagram)

I can’t recommend Ciara’s coaching sessions enough. In just 2 sessions she has given me the tools to deal with the hardest parts of my life and she has helped me realise things I never would have about myself. She has taught me to believe in myself and I have manifested so many magical opportunities in such a short space of time with my newfound confidence. She has so much passion for what she does and it shows – I find her so easy to listen to and learn from as I feel she follows her teachings so closely in her real life and she is so easy to talk to and trust. I truly believe she has given me my life back as I find it so easy to be alone and in my own company these days and I have a passion for life and hobbies again. The things you will learn are priceless and this is an incredible investment to make in yourself. Thank you so much for everything Ciara, I will never be able to thank you enough! – Chloe Rodliffe


The Connect and Reflect workshop was a beautiful afternoon connecting with fabulous women.  The space was gorgeously decorated, so inviting and we were treated to delicious and nurturing food.  The yoga, mediation and journaling was gentle but somehow provoked some very powerful feelings and I found it incredibly healing.

Thank you Morgan and Ciara for such a special few hours and I have already booked the next one!‘ – Chrissy Bray, about ‘Connect & Reflect’ Women’s Yoga Afternoon.

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I met Ciara through her wonderful mother. Being introduced to her was a breath of fresh air. An inquisitive, bubbly, fun, wise, beautiful old soul living in an exceptionally well-balanced body. She remined me of a fairy or nymph from ancient times. Ciara at that time I don’t think realised just how much impact she has on people’s hearts. She’s an enlightening reflection. She helps you access your higher consciousness and is a brave, courageous and passionate being. She loves to teach as much as she loves to learn. Whatever she puts her energy towards or into thrives. She’s a light to others, inspiring and has an endless ability to accept and grow with change.  Ciara is one of those people you meet that makes you smile even when you think of her name. God bless you Ciara and may your light continue to have the impact it most definitely has in all that you do. You are a true Lightworker. – Sophia Angelini, Shamanic Healer, Reiki (Master/Teacher) & Bodywork Therapist.