Compassionate Awakened Coaching

I spent the first 21 years of my life living up in my head. I was totally detached from the entire beautiful body that we are gifted to spend this lifetime in. I was living in the ‘fight or flight’ anxiety response, survival mode, every hour of the day without even knowing it. I allowed my happiness to be dependant on everything else in the world other than myself. It wasn’t until my spiritual awakening in 2019 that I realised I had no idea what was going on in my body, and so the lifelong commitment to knowing myself inside and out began. This period was the darkest time in my life so far. I moved through intense anxiety and depression, with trauma arising that I didn’t realise I had held on to. I moved through this time slowly and intentionally with baby steps. I had an incredible team of professionals and guides to help me understand exactly what was happening to me on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Just like a cars headlights only reveals a little of the journey at a time, each step along the path revealed to me that all I could ever need was within me. It was with a trust in this that got me through and I am now out of the other side. Although, having said that, there is never a final destination. The beauty of life is that healing and personal growth is ongoing, and I am committed to this in my own life just as much as I wish to help others with discovering the same. A huge part of my physical and emotional healing was learning how to embody my life in all it’s capacity – not only through nutrition and physical health but through spiritual and lifestyle elements also. Health isn’t just about the physical. It is about looking at the entire ecosystem of our body and how it connects to our lives on a wider level. It is through my own journey that I wish to help others understand the magnificent power that we all hold.

What Is A Health Coach?

A Health Coach is your guide on the side when it comes to your healing journey. A Health Coach provides a supportive space for an individuals intuitive healing and transformation. You have all the answers you need within you, and often all it takes is someone to hold space for you to discover that. The approach to each session is client led – the aim is that you leave empowered to keep growing and adapting your health and lifestyle choices in a way that works for you. Health is bio individual and no one approach or diet will work for everyone. It is on this evolving journey that I would provide accountability and support (and the odd tip and trick when appropriate) helping you to set goals that are achievable for you. Health is the vehicle that will help you get to these goals – and the road getting there is certainly one to appreciate. It is important for me to emphasise at this stage that I am not a doctor, dietician, nutritionist or therapist. I work alongside those health care professionals as a supplement to your transformation. They prescribe the what, and as a partnership we find the how. I am currently mid way through my Health Coach Training with IIN (Institute of Integrative Nutrition), with my mid way certificate badge coming soon. I will have graduated from IIN by March 2022.

Eager To Find Out More?

I offer free Health History consultations in person (if travel permits) or via Zoom to help us decide whether we would be a good fit to work with each other. This is a chance for us to discuss your health (with relation to both physical and lifestyle) and to get to know one another a little better in a relaxed way so you can decide whether the coaching partnership I offer is for you.

Please send me an email via the contact page to begin your journey of fully embodying your life.