Heart Centred Practice

I am constantly saying ‘listen to your heart’. And so we should. We should all be listening to our hearts and making our decisions from that space. It’s the place that our most truthful decisions come from, the ones that light us up from the inside. But if you’ve been used to responding to things and making decisions from a place of hurt or fear your whole life, it may be very difficult responding with love initially. It may feel confusing, forced and unnatural. You may not have a single clue what it is you are actually listening for. I hear you, and I understand. I was there. I never got what people where talking about when they said to listen to your heart, simply because I couldn’t hear my own one over all of the noise, let alone know what it was saying to me. Although I believe that the truth of who we all are is love, that doesn’t mean that choosing love will be an easy thing straight away. Sometimes it will feel conflicting and really, really hard. But you have to practice listening to the whispers of the heart rather than the screams of the ego. Yoga tells us that a positive thought nor action is never wasted, it always contributes towards your enlightenment. Even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time, making a loving choice helps heal you bit by bit. You will never go unnoticed if you act from love. CHOOSE to go out of your way for someone who has been testing your patience. CHOOSE to find the positive side of things. CHOOSE to deliberately pick out the good, rather than the not so good. Even if you don’t want to do it for the other person, do it for you. Because soon, a lightness will fill your chest more of the time. Some decisions will feel easier where they didn’t before. You have to want, try & work for love everyday. And then, in time, love begins to come naturally.

With Love, Light & Best Wishes,

Ciara X

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