Newsletter – May 2022

Stop limiting yourself

Every thought comes to you because you have the ability to pursue that thought. That goes for both the good ones, and the not so good ones. This gives us some perspective really doesn’t it. You choose what thoughts you act upon, which dictates a lot of your life (not all, I am aware some things happen to us for us to move through and navigate). Some, I am sure, you will be very thankful that you haven’t acted upon. I certainly know that if I had acted upon some of the thoughts I had I would have been sectioned! But lets focus on the good thoughts. The outrageous but magical dreams that come to you. Now let me say the opening line again. Every thought comes to you because you have the ability to pursue that thought. Your soul knows exactly what you can handle and brings you ideas accordingly. Some you will want to act upon and take further and some may remain an idea. But often we shut things down, because we have a fixed way that we believe things need to look in order to get to our destination. We believe that fixed way of getting there is important in order to feel like we’ve achieved something, or that the dream has been accomplished. We narrow down our chances by immediately putting ourselves in a pigeon hole and limiting our thinking. But let me tell you. There are A MILLION ways to get to where you want to go. The bit that matters isn’t HOW you get to where you want to go. It’s how you’re feeling as you’re getting there. And there are many, many ways to get to that dream through feeling, if we just stop limiting ourselves. If you are hung up on the way something is supposed to look, you could miss the boat on an opportunity that gets you there in a slightly different way. The journey becomes much more unexpected, much more exciting, if we release our grip around our expectations of how things are supposed to be. Often these aren’t our own preconceived narratives at all, but that of a society that teaches people to play small and do what they are told. When you open up your mind and heart to possibility and let the universe and your soul guide you, things become a lot more interesting and also a lot easier. You allow yourself to fall into a state of flow, and everything just drops into place. Very rarely in the way you expected. But often in a much more delicious, divine way than you could have dreamt yourself.

The biggest piece of news I have for you this month at Compassionate Awakened Living is that I OFFICIALLY received my certificate from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, meaning I am a certified IIN Health Coach! This is a massive milestone for me and one I am hugely proud of. The want to help other women step into the full power of who they are and love themselves deeper using health and wellness as a vehicle came from the most difficult time in my life. Like the lotus flower blooms from muddy water, this certificate is proof that so much good can come from the most challenging circumstances. I am now accepting clients and giving you the opportunity to have your FREE half an hour Awakening Call from me to see whether the coaching partnership is one that makes your soul sing. To find out more about my story and why I should be your coach, head on over to the coaching page of my website. Coaching can be done on Zoom or in person, so this offering is not limited to location.

I am also currently taking clients for private Yoga classes. If you are looking to begin Yoga in a much more personal and tailored environment, or if you are a regular practitioner who wants to refine your practice then this could be the offering for you! Head over to the Classes page to find out investment price.

We have just started a brand new block of both beginners classes and all levels classes at Saints Green Place Yoga Studio in North End, and although it’s too late to sign up for the whole of this block, there are still spaces to drop in to either class. Each class has a new theme each week incorporating all areas of Yoga philosophy as well as other inspirations from different spiritual practices. Head over to the classes page to find out more.

Moon Baths are on hold for the moment whilst my mum is away, but I will post over on my Instagram page (@compassionate_awakened_living) and here when we have a date for the next one. In the meantime, I am running regular ‘Awaken Your Life’ – Yoga In Action workshops, showing you how you can bring Yoga into your day to day life off of the mat. If you need some convincing surrounding Yoga Philosophy, be sure to check out my blog post ‘Why Is Yoga Philosophy So Important For Today’s World?’ and then book your space on the next workshop! I am also on the hunt for a new location to run these at alongside Saints Green Place, so keep your eyes peeled for more news on that in the coming months…

Have you ever blocked yourself from pursuing something because you had a fixed idea of how it should be? What happened when you got out of your own way and just said YES?! Leave your thought’s in the comments, I’d love to hear from you.

With Love, Light & Best Wishes,

Ciara X

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