Newsletter – January 2022

Live to Heal

Hello once again! It feels like a while since I was here last. Thank you for everyone in this community who held space for me to go and perform over Christmas. The best part about life is that no matter what I go and do or how much time I spend away, there are always lessons that I have learnt to come back and share here. How amazing that we can continue to grow and evolve regardless of circumstance.

Truthfully, whilst working on ‘The Musical That Goes Right!’ I haven’t really thought about this spiritual ‘healing’ journey I am on. Sure I’ve kept up my daily practice, but I haven’t plunged into the depths of shadow work or done anything extremely radical towards my spiritual journey.

Except… I have…

I’ve just been living in the most full out way I can. And do you know what I realised? That I have healed and grown the most through not thinking about ‘the healing work’ and living my life than I have when I’ve been focussing on it. Which has been an absolute game changer. Has anyone else ever got hung up on their self transformation, growth, spiritual, healing (insert what you want to call it here) journey? The feeling that it should be your focus, and if its not, well, you’re not going anywhere. Well, I’ve got a secret for you. Just by living from the heart you observe the things that need to be healed anyway, and it kind of does it on its own. I’ve gone out and stayed up late, I’ve drunk the mulled wine, I’ve eaten REALLY GOOD CHIPS, I’ve laughed and danced and cried and worked hard and trusted in life. Of course there are moments when we need to go deeper into areas, feel more, write about it, talk about it, meditate on it and shimmy round the garden bare foot, all that good stuff. I am a huge advocate of that and I always will be.

But the day to day act of opening up our hearts and running into whatever comes our way with Love, gratitude and enthusiasm, saying yes and letting the light pour in, is in fact the most profound healing work we can do. Living fully and experiencing.

We should LIVE TO HEAL, rather than heal to live. Don’t stall life whilst you do the healing work. Let your life be the healing work.

I am very excited to be back teaching this month, with the first event being a Moon Bath for the New Moon in Capricorn on Thursday 6th January from 7PM – 9PM. We then kick off classes once again from week commencing Monday 10th (Beginners on Mondays at 6PM and All Levels on Wednesdays at 7.30PM), and round off January with a Yoga In Action Workshop on Sunday 30th January from 12.30PM-3.00PM. For more information on all of the classes and events I offer please head on over to the ‘classes’ page of my website and contact me directly to book.

I am also very excited that I am now publicly advertising private yoga sessions for individuals or groups. These are perfect as one off sessions to focus on a certain sequence or pose, or as a series of classes to either build confidence or deepen your practice, with the focus being totally on you! Private sessions are client led with us looking at what you feel suits you on that day, giving you space to truly honour where you are at and listen to your body and its needs specifically. Please refer to the class page for investment price. For larger groups (for birthday parties, events, I’m happy to get creative) then please contact me directly and I will quote upon inquiry.

To round off the first newsletter of 2022, let’s bring in some fresh energy for the New Year and talk resolutions! Whether you believe in them or not, it can be a good opportunity to create a new good habit for the New Year and see where it takes you! Mine are to get a regular hair cut and read two pages of a book each night. What are yours? Start a conversation by leaving a comment below.

With Love, Light & Best Wishes,

Ciara X

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