Newsletter – November 2021


Although I post about the learnings in my personal life on this blog, I don’t mention often what else I do with my life other than running this business.

I believe dreams are SO important. Whether they are big or small, long standing or newly imagined, they keep us driven, motivated, inspired and most importantly – they keep us feeling ALIVE. For most of my life, I have wanted to be an actress. It is a huge dream of mine. I graduated from drama school in 2017 and have been working on and off since, but with an understanding that I also needed another love in my life for times when acting was scarce, I began my yoga and health journey, and so Compassionate Awakened Living was born. Although I have other dreams now, Compassionate Awakened Living being one of them, acting and performing is one that will never go out for me. It lights me up in a way nothing else does. It truly does feed my soul. Which calls me to ask you – do you have a dream you are welcoming into your life (I avoided using the word chasing, as every moment of our life should be a celebration of all we have in the present, to then welcome in the dream we are incubating). Do you have that thing that lights you up? If not, make it your mission to find that thing. It may be crochet, sport, dancing, baking – it doesn’t matter. Make time for the things that feed you on a spiritual level.

This months newsletter is a little different, with a more personal announcement. The universe brings everything that you are asking for if you let it, and all in divine timing. Just as my last block of classes came to an end, I got the gift of an acting job. A beautiful sign that arts a coming back after the pandemic. So CAL will be on hold until January 2022. I am delighted to announce that I will be playing the role of Nova in ‘The Musical That Goes Right’ with Ethereal Theatre at the Cockpit Theatre in London over the festive period. This is the perfect show if you are a fan of Musical Theatre, with upwards of 40 MT references throughout the hour performance. Not sure what show to see over Christmas? How about you come and see a bit of all of them. For full dates and tickets visit the Cockpit Theatre website. Buzzing to get back on stage is an understatement.

The dates for the next block of classes have been confirmed, beginning back week commencing Monday 10th January 2022. I will be running the Vinyasa Flow for beginners course on Monday at 6PM and an All Levels class on Wednesdays, as well as being available for private classes. Please email me to be added to the list for either classes or to book a private session. I will also be in touch with my mailing list regarding class dates and other workshops, Moon Baths and offerings that will be coming in 2022. But for now, I am taking some time to prepare, to rest and be very very excited for this dream that has been brewing for a while.

Thank you to every single client and supporter of my business for helping me hold space for this dream. I will be back with a blog post to round off 2021 at some point. For now, have a wonderful end of year and festive period.

With Love, Light & Best Wishes,

Ciara X

Link to buy tickets:

Broadway World Article:

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