Good Vibes Only

I see so much floating around the internet to do with ‘vibes’. If a party is good, it has good vibes. Playing a song you like? You’re ‘Vibin’. Something you don’t like? That’s got ‘dead vibes’.

I’m actually laughing to myself as I type this because I am SO not down with the kids and it sounds ridiculous when I say it aloud in my head. But what does it actually mean to have ‘good vibes’? There’s more to it than just being a tag line at the bottom of someone’s Instagram post.

Everything in the universe is made up of energy. And everything has an energetic frequency that it vibrates at. Including humans. The Earth vibrates at it’s own frequency (which us humans are supposed to be in tune with, but we have come so far away from nature that very few of us are in tune with the Earth’s frequency anymore). When we are feeling good, happy and healthy we are running on a higher vibration. But if we feel stuck, negative or unwell our energy is at a lower vibration. Stuck or stagnant energy within the body as a result of low vibration causes disease in many cases. Your vibration can also determine what you attract in your life. Like attracts like. So if you are focussing on the negatives in your life and putting out a low vibration, that is what you will attract more of. If you endeavour to look at life through eyes of love and gratitude, you will attract more of what you desire. It’s all about shifting your focus. Changing your point of attraction. This is often amplified over full and new moons, which is why learning to work with the lunar cycle for ease in your life is important.

Everything you choose in your life can dictate your vibration. The thoughts you think, the people you spend your time with, the activities you engage in, even down to the movies you watch and the music you listen to. Anything promoting love, gratitude, positivity, health, abundance, laughter, service, joy, fun, creativity – raise your vibration. Being out in nature and connecting to the Earth ESPECIALLY raises your vibration. Anything that depletes you, makes you angry, frustrated, upset or lacking in health decreases your vibration. This doesn’t mean that we begin to totally avoid going into any issues or beliefs that are detrimental to us or need looking at so that we don’t ‘damage’ our vibration. That kind of shadow work is so important. In uncovering things that are lying dormant rather than ignoring them, you let them clear and in turn raise your vibration anyway. But on a day to day level, the things you choose for yourself majorly affect your vibration and in turn, your well being. The best way to see where your vibration is at is to see what your body feels like both during and after a particular thought, activity, or interaction. If your body is telling you something that doesn’t feel good for you, it probably isn’t. This is particularly interesting with short term highs that bring a rush of dopamine. Although during the activity you may feel great, the after feeling may not necessary fuel your energy in the best way.

You could raise your vibration in this very moment, by finding something to appreciate. A cup of tea. A flower. Even just the fact that you got up today and the sun had risen. Sometimes it’s easier to go smaller to raise your vibration than it is to leap to something bigger.

All of this can sound quite overwhelming to begin with. But once we realise that we are the creators of our own reality, it becomes a hopeful, amazing journey. It’s also important that we congratulate ourselves for the little things that we do in our day to day that raise our vibration – choosing to go out for a walk rather than scroll through Instagram. Choosing to feed yourself well. Taking your time to respond to an email until you’re in a better place. These little things will all add up.

It’s also important to know that by looking after yourself and tending to your vibration, you are helping to change the world. No exaggeration. We are all interconnected in the most beautiful way with other human beings on the planet. You know how one person can walk into a room and immediately light it up with their positivity, vitality, vibrancy? It affects everyone in that space positively. Imagine if we all showed up for ourselves, for our vibrations in a positive way. It doesn’t have to be with a grand purpose. You are enough just by shining your light in each moment. Each individual adds up to make the whole.

So lets ask ourselves – what can I do today to raise my vibration? Where is the focus of my thoughts at? What makes my heart genuinely sing? Is what I’m engaging in ACTUALLY high vibe, or is it just social media or society saying that? Am I chasing short term highs or creating who I want to be in each moment? As you ask yourself some of these questions maybe you’ll begin to choose differently. Maybe you’ll begin to choose for you. And in choosing for you, you choose for the world.

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