Newsletter – June 2021

Your Body Is Your Best Barometer

Throughout the month of May I learnt a very important lesson that it took me some time to listen to. Our emotional body and how we feel tells us A LOT about a situation and what we are aligned with energetically. I’d kind of always known this but I’ve been taking baby steps to put it into practice. Because sometimes what your body is telling you is not always what you think you want at the time (but deep down, in truth it really is). Your intuition (or gut instinct, whatever your preferred term) is a very real thing and seldom lies.

I found myself in a situation where I had to listen to my body and what it was telling me. I think what helped me learn this lesson quicker was that there was another person involved. Another beautiful soul with emotions that had to be taken into account. I owed it to them to tell the truth to myself a lot quicker. I tried to trick myself into thinking that my body was wrong. That somehow if I forced hard enough, the feelings of imbalance would go away. And sometimes, with positive thoughts, the feelings would go away. But the majority of the time, my body was screaming at me to let up and I couldn’t ignore it. My body knew what I needed, what I was ready for and what I wanted in this moment and the situation I found myself in wasn’t it. Once I listened and faced what I knew would be difficult, I finally felt free. Moments like this are what our spiritual practice prepares us for – we can face the more challenging moments, the more difficult conversations with a little more grace and ease. I had to do it in my own time, in my own way. Which in turn made me learn some valuable lessons –

  1. Love feels different for the different relationships in your life, and that’s okay. It takes awareness to not be confused by the different types of love.
  2. Misalignments are not personal, they are vibrational (Thank you Toni Jones for this absolute GOLD DUST lyric and truth bomb. See her song ‘Energy Budget’ for an absolute vibration raising belter that the goddess that is Kiera Lane introduced me to).

Our relationship with ourselves strengthens when we learn to listen to and understand the workings of our bodies and how it speaks to us. And I know after this event that next time it won’t take me so long to respond.

June brings with it SO much news for Compassionate Awakened Living. After so long of not being able to teach in person, I am back in the studio with a wonderful community coming to class each week. I am writing this ahead of teaching tonight’s practice of the CAL 6 week beginners course. We are almost half way through the course. The sun is shining, so we will be in the yoga garden tonight. What an ace way to round off the bank holiday.

The next 6 week block of classes will be from the week commencing 19th of July – the week commencing 30th August, with a one week break over the week commencing 9th August. The classes on offer are as follows:

6 Week beginners Vinyasa Flow course (Monday 19th July – Monday 30th August with 1 week break half way). This course is a 6 week commitment designed to help total beginners or those who have been away from their practice for a while learn about the fundamentals of a yoga practice. The course is £60 for the 6 weeks.

6 Week all levels Vinyasa Flow (Wednesday 21st July – Wednesday 1st September with 1 week break half way). These themed classes are for those who have a more advanced practice. It is a perfect follow on from my beginners course, with themed classes and modifications to suit all levels. The course is £50 for all 6 weeks or £10 to drop in to a session (space permitting).

Moon Baths are also back! I run these workshops with my beautiful mother at Elysium Holistic Therapy. A moon bath is 2 hours of yoga, meditation and gong therapy tailored to the energy of a specific new or full moon. Aligning yourself with the moons energy helps you move more with nature and may make what can be a turbulent time energetically for many a little easier. These events are hugely beneficial for all genders, but may be particularly beneficial for those identifying as women (although we all have a sun/masculine side and a moon/feminine side, a lot of women feel they are affected by the lunar energy). Why not get a group of sisters together and come along? Moon baths are £30 per head and the upcoming dates through June are as follows:

  • Friday 11th June 7PM-9PM (for the New Moon in Gemini)
  • Sunday 20th June 7PM-9PM (Summer Solstice)
  • Friday 25th June 7PM-9PM (for the Full Moon in Capricorn)

Honestly it warms my heart to know that this months newsletter can be so full events. I hope to see you at one soon.

With Love, Light & Best Wishes,

Ciara X

The beautiful yoga garden at Saints Green Place, where Summer classes will be held should the sun continue to shine.

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