You Have A Choice

Every morning, as soon as you wake up, you have a choice. A choice about how you are going to live your life. A choice about how you are going to show up in the world. For yourself, and for others.

Your entire day will be full of choices. Choices about what you eat, how you act, where you go, how you think.

Often things don’t just ‘happen’ to us. It takes a choice, one way or another, for us to get there.

Within many spiritual teachings, there is a lot of talk about taking the ‘path of least resistance’. Meaning, the path that feels like it has more ease in your life. And whilst some of the time opting for ease is good, other times it doesn’t push you to expand into your highest self.

Your highest self is ALWAYS within you. It’s up to you to choose to journey towards and discover it.

Sometimes it’s the choices that feel more difficult that are the ones that will really cause us to grow. Choosing to get up early for yoga practice or a run. Choosing to eat healthful, nourishing foods when you’re feeling unwell because you know that will give your body what it needs, when really you’re craving comfort. Choosing to leave a relationship that you know is no longer serving you, despite the many happy memories you have with that person.

When you begin embarking on a spiritual path, it can feel so overwhelming to start with as you begin to become aware of the way the mind and the ego works. The ego’s stories, Vrittis and Samskaras. The choices you made before. How can it now be so difficult to make the choices that I know are good for me? And often it feels all too easy to give up, to say ‘This isn’t working!’ and retreat back to where you were before. But that is why it’s called a spiritual practice. And no journey can continue on a constant incline. Sometimes you have to plateau to be able to feel into the body, before continuing up again.

And you have a CHOICE. A choice about whether you start creating these brand new habits that will serve you. And these things will become the things that you begin to crave more and more. So, from the moment you wake up, you can choose whether you are thankful for the brand new day that you have to live, or whether you are frustrated that you have to get up for work. You can choose whether you get your energy from sustaining, nourishing food or peaks and troughs that sugar and coffee brings. You can choose to give from a place of abundance or lack. You can CHOOSE what your life will look like. Because you have divine creation within you. And you have the ability to enjoy watching the story unfold right in front of your eyes.

I hope that you are making the choices that truly nourish your soul. And when that journey feels difficult, and also when it doesn’t, I will be here sending you a loving thought to will you on your journey. I hear you. You can do it.

With Love, Light & Best Wishes,

Ciara X

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