Learning To Go With The Flow

Learning to go with the flow is something I have REALLY struggled with in the past. In fact, I still do struggle with it at times. I have always been a person who played by the rules, with tunnel vision when it came to getting something done or making plans.

And then the last year happened. And it certainly has taught me that if I want to lead a life that is as joyful and as purposeful as it possibly can be for me, I need to CHILL OUT and surrender to what is (in yoga we call this Ishvara Pranidhana – surrender to the absolute. I will touch on this further in a later ‘How can we learn from yoga in this time?’ post).

I had an experience recently that demonstrated why it is so important that we all learn to go with the flow sometimes, & I really wanted to share it with you all.

My family went on holiday to Spain a few weeks ago. My mum, her partner and my sister had already driven out there a few weeks before. This was a holiday I had been waiting for for a long time, and I really needed it. I flew out from Stansted, super excited, yoga mat in tow ready for the many morning yoga practices I would have on the beach. No more than two hours after landing, Boris announced that any citizens returning from Spain would have to Quarantine for 14 days.

A big fat ‘Oh No’ (and maybe something a little stronger too) ran through my head. Now, if this had happened about 6 months ago, I would have had a melt down. My heart began to quicken its pace. The thoughts started racing ‘But what about work? What about your LIFE? You are SO stupid for flying out here.’

Until I stopped. I took a breath. ‘No’, I thought to myself. ‘Now it is time to put into practice what yoga has taught you. You will get home somehow, You are safe and have somewhere to stay. Be present. Be grateful. GO WITH THE FLOW.’

I did have to remind myself of the above speech several times, each time someone mentioned the English quarantine period. But I am so glad I took a breath and let everything unfold without making rash decisions. Because although our Spanish holiday was cut short, I ended up having the most beautiful adventure with my family. We spent a week travelling back to England by driving through France, something I have never done before. And it was just as beautiful and restorative, if not more so, as it would have been had I have spent my whole holiday in Spain.

Because I took time to relax and go with the flow, the most beautiful experience opened up for me. Think about the times that you resisted a change of direction when something didn’t quite go to your plan, which could have led to something new opening up? Next time something in your life occurs that changes your plans, see if you can let the course of the river take you as opposed to paddling frantically back upstream (something I know all too well..). Our brain has one plan, but sometimes the universe has another, more expansive and delightful plan. I will continue to remind myself & learn from these moments when something, or someone, comes to shake up my life. It might be shaking things up to make space for new brilliance.

With Love, Light & Best Wishes,

Ciara X

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