The Importance of Rest

I am writing this post the day before I am due to go away on holiday. I have seen a lot of posts surrounding this topic at the moment, which is probably down to us being forced to slow down as a result of various COVID restrictions around the world. A particularly good post that inspired me to write this one is from fellow yoga teacher and friend from training, Laura Richardson. She posts wonderful content, so go check her page and teaching journey out.

So lets talk rest. Why do we need it? We all know that rest is important to recuperate both the body & mind physically. Increasingly so in a life where everything is so instantaneous, fast paced, always asking you to look to the next event, the next accomplishment, the next task. But what about the more spiritual and emotional side of needing rest?

The speed of modern life forces us to keep busy. But equally, sometimes being busy is used as a tactic of avoidance. Avoiding how we are really feeling & avoiding dealing with the difficult emotions. This is in no way me shunning those who choose to be busy. I love to be busy. But it’s important to recognise that most of us, through nature and social conditioning, aren’t used to being still anymore, and are certainly not used to being okay with being still. As well as enjoying chilling out on a beach, rest is also a wonderful opportunity to stop, reflect and see what comes up for us. Taking regular time to sit, be and feel is so cathartic and ensures there is a regular release of uncomfortable emotions that when not dealt with cause dis-ease in the body.

There is a stigma in society around uncomfortable emotions being scary. But it’s time to normalise them. These emotions do not define who you are, and are a natural part of this process on Earth that we call life. Upon initial feeling of said uncomfortable emotions, the overwhelm is understandable. It’s SO easy to get caught up in the emotion. But it is true when they say ‘this too shall pass’. Because the feeling does pass. And allowing that natural passing prevents the feeling from manifesting in other areas of your life. A positive side of lock down is that it has presented this rest and reflect opportunity to people who might not have previously had it.

Regularly taking time to rest is the key. Finding the balance and regularly taking stock to be with yourself can be so beneficial to move forward with vitality and keep the tank burning, rather than running on empty. I know I have been previously guilty of burning myself out by trying to keep up my social life and everything else in between in order to keep up with everyone. If you are a person who thrives on a full social calendar, wonderful! But also know that saying no to something occasionally in the name of your physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual health doesn’t make you a Z. It makes your a pioneer in boundaries and self care.

Make rest your friend. True rest. Rest that allows you to switch off, feel, listen, grow. Let it be an act of honoring yourself.

With Love, Light & Best Wishes,

Ciara X

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