Newsletter – May 2023

The Importance of Community

It’s been a hot minute since I last posted a blog – we skipped out last month as I was busy away on the ‘Listen’ Retreat in Andalucia with 11 guests and a wonderful team. It was 4 days in total paradise. Gorgeous food as close to the Earth as possible, thought provoking Yoga and luxurious treatments all in the most beautiful surroundings. Our guests had the most transformational experiences and truly threw themselves in (check out their incredible comments on the testimonial page!). One thing I was blown away by over the course of the retreat was the power of community. 11 people entered the villa on the Friday, some who were little more than strangers to one another. By the time we left, everyone had become family. Numbers were exchanged, tears were shed as people who had never met before the retreat embraced upon departing. These were people who came from all sorts of different backgrounds, who were seemingly very different on the outside. But through doing the deep inner work, opening up in pairs and in circle and sharing meals with bellies full of love and laughter, a powerful connection was born. It was a privilege to witness and be a part of.

There is something profound about having someone say ‘Yes, me too’. Or the most profound of all, to have someone say nothing. To only validate your feelings and emotions through a loving silence, saying thank you when you’ve finished expressing. It creates accountability and healing, and opens up brand new avenues of relationship that you may never have had before. Community is an innate human need, human right, and something we should all be able to explore, should we want it.

Through all of my offerings, I long to create a community. A space where all of you is welcome, where you can see a friendly face and feel a little more assured that it is all going to be okay. And that I have done, which I am so proud of. Todays newsletter offers you 3 spaces at Compassionate Awakened Living where you can join the community. Read on to find out where you can be a part of it.

On June 18th, Morgan at ‘The Club by MJS’ (pictured with me in the newsletter photo) and I start our very first 6 month self love container for women – ‘Dating Your Soul’. If there is one thing more powerful than community, its women in community. If you are just embarking upon your self love journey, or want to begin but have no idea how, then this could be the space for you. A monthly in person session, follow up journal prompts and exercises, weekly opportunities to voice questions and be coached by me and a Whatsapp group to share your wins with the women in the community. I am offering 15 minute introductory calls for women looking to book on. Sound like something you’re calling in? Drop me a message to book in a slot and start ‘Dating Your Soul’.

I have just begun a BRAND NEW weekly Restorative & Yoga Nidra class on Thursday nights at 8.30PM from Saints Green Place. This is the ultimate community for rest and relaxation. If chill is much more your thrill, this could be your space to meet like minded people. Spend an hour moving very little from one supported posture to another, designed to open, not stretch. Rounded off with a Yoga Nidra journey through the layers of your consciousness for a night time tonic. Drop in spaces are available for this block only before a full block begins next month.

And finally, we have released the next round of dates for the ‘Listen’ Retreat in Andalucia this October. Join us at Huerta Belinda from Friday 6th – Tuesday 10th October to begin to deeply listen to yourself and be listened to. All set in amongst paradise. Head over to the retreat page or drop me an email via the contact form to find out more.

All of this amongst regular public and private classes. There are so any offerings for you to choose from.

I hope that if you are seeking community, you find what you are looking for. If its here, our arms are always open for you.

Om Shanti,

Ciara X

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