Newsletter – April 2023

Yoga is my activism.

I was listening to Tracee Stanley’s podcast ‘Radiant Rest’ last week. A line in one of the episodes particularly struck me. In an interview with Lama Rod Owens, Lama Rod mentioned how he transitioned into Buddhism whilst seeking a deeper form of activism.

I had never considered my spiritual practice and work as activism until that point. Whenever events happen that shake the worlds population to it’s core, it always think ‘should I be out protesting in the streets?’. I feel a certain pressure that because of following a Yogic path people almost expect me to have something to say about it all on social media (although I know these are projections coming from my own ego). It’s not that I don’t have anything to say, or don’t have the confidence to do so. I certainly do. But what do I say? How do I encapsulate what is going on into a post when I am sitting safe, comfy and peaceful from a position of privilege. All these emotions, all these learnings, I channel into my Yoga practices, workshops and classes. Yoga is how I participate in activism. By guiding my community to step into their own power and ignite their inner teacher, I am helping to stoke the greatest revolution of all. The one that comes from the ground up. The revolution that flows lovingly through the cracks of chaos. The revolution that has a sense of personal accountability. In a society that tells us to outsource our power and and so often drains us of our light to make us conform, encouraging a turning inwards is so powerful. Love in itself is a revolution, because we are slowly transforming a world that is steeped in pain by choosing an emotion that is the exact opposite. Acknowledging and feeling what is there, and choosing love and peace anyway. In a position of privilege where I am able to make that choice with more grace an ease, I will make sure that for humanity I will do so with gratitude. Thank you Lama Rod for your words in guiding me to realise the activism that exists in choosing a peaceful, more inwardly focussed practice. I will not block out what is going on in the world. But through going within myself I will aim to process, to understand, and to send love and compassion in a way I know how.


This month, the activism translates to three brand new, BIG TICKET offerings for clients currently in the community, or looking to join it.

Firstly, Morgan at The Club By MJS and I have launched ‘Dating Your Soul’. Inspired by our sell out Valentines Day women’s event in February, we bring you the expanded container to further your development and watch your soul fly. My life’s journey and dharma in Yoga and women’s coaching/facilitation and Morgan’s genius space setting and nurturing hosting have come together like never before. Over the course of 6 months join us for a series of in person events including Yoga and functional/gentle movement, a light picnic lunch and a meditation and coaching circle to help you move into a deeper space of self love, cradled in a community of other like minded women. The support is ongoing, with regular check ins, a Whatsapp group for the women in the course and exercises, meditations and journal prompts to keep you digesting and expanding even when we are not gathered. Please visit the ‘Dating Your Soul’ page to find out what’s included and what you can expect.

Following my completion of my Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra certification, I will be launching Restorative Yoga classes on Thursdays from 8.30PM-9.30PM at Saints Green Place from the end of April. The first set of classes are over 4 select dates, with a block of classes to follow. If you have come from a conditioning of working non stop to the point of burnout, always doing, always switched on, then rest might just be your activism. If so, then take a peek at the ‘Yoga Classes’ page to find out when you can snuggle in.

And finally, there will be no blog post this month as mid month I go to Spain to guide 12 beautiful souls through a weekend of self discovery on the ‘Listen’ Retreat. I can’t believe the time is almost here. My mum and I have brought this dream into reality since November last year (it has been brewing long before then) and now we have the honour of sharing it, joined by our incredible team Catherine, Ben and Alyssia. If you missed the retreat this time round we go again in October. Please visit the ‘Listen’ Retreat page for more details.

Thank you for this journey. It is your trust in me as a guide that keeps me propelling forward and digging deeper. For your support, I am truly grateful.

Om Shanti.

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