Thank You.

Yesterday I graduated from my Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra teacher training along with my fellow students from Catherine Gallaghers beautifully comprehensive and heart felt program.

I was overwhelmed with emotion. I get to do this for a living. Bringing a practice that has given the world to me, to others. To devote my heart in service. To guide others to witness and trust their inner Teacher through messages that pass through me from the universe, from Yoga.

I am forever a student. I will always be learning and relearning this practice in this lifetime, and for many lifetimes.

The biggest heartfelt thank you, to my teacher Catherine for your constant belief, support and sharing your soul led work. It helps others to recognise what they are truly capable of.

Thank you to the wonderful teachers who walked this training with me. I am so grateful I got to be one of the first to experience your incredible restorative offerings. Rest is a potent medicine that the world needs more than anything. My fellow teachers, we are restorative Superheros.

Thank you to my soul, my higher self. For cultivating an unwavering trust, saying yes to this initiation, this journey, this Dharma. The road is winding and not always easy, but again and again I am led closer to seeing deep truth.

And most importantly, thank you to YOU. My beautiful clients, who practice with me week in, week out. I learn the most from witnessing and hearing you all. You come back again and again with a deep trust in my offerings, and an even deeper trust in yourself. Your inner wisdom will be THE TRUE Teacher, always.

I think the snotty face photo shows that this one means the world.

Om Shanti X

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