Newsletter – February 2023

Silence is golden.

That’s how the saying goes.

When surrounded by noise everyday, it can be difficult to hear.

Stimulus on top of stimulus stuff the body like cotton wool

Muffling truth, hiding what is there.

We run from silence because it shows us who we are.

The wounds & scars, the things we try to stick fingers in ears and ‘la la la’ to skirt round.

But most terrifying of all

It shows us the possibility for life, the greatness within.

No, it is not silence that is golden.

But it is where you find the gold.

This month at Compassionate Awakened Living there are 3 exciting events that I am so excited to be a part of.

This month I have the absolute pleasure of visiting a primary school in Cambridgeshire to teach the ENTIRE SCHOOL Yoga for the day for their mindfulness week. I am always saying Yoga can be for everyone, and I can’t wait to share this in a playful way with the children. Mind/body awareness and learning how to self soothe are vital life skills that everyone should have access to learning from a young age. I can’t wait. If you are interested in a one off Yoga workshop for your school then get in touch!

On Saturday the 18th February Morgan at Parties by MJS and I are hosting our second women’s Yoga afternoon together in honour of Valentines Day. ‘A Date With Your Soul’ is SOLD OUT, with 12 women gathering in circle to share in self love, exploration, Yoga, meditation, ritual and magick centered around one of Morgan’s gorgeous picnic table creations for a light lunch fit for a goddess. Spaces are open on the waiting list.

And at the end of the month, I will be taking my next steps on my teaching journey moving towards an education that my soul is calling me to do. I will be embarking on my Restorative and Yoga Nidra teacher training under the tutelage of Catherine Gallagher, a life mentor, sister and friend. I can’t wait to begin to offer this passive, healing form of Yoga as a therapy – a beautiful practice to soothe a nervous system frazzled through stress and anxiety.

All of this is sandwiched in between my regular classes at Saints Green Place as well as private classes from clients homes. The excitement is brewing and spaces filling as we quickly approach Aprils retreat in Andalucia. If you haven’t booked yet, now is your chance to join us and experience elements of all of the above offerings in one stunning setting.

Keep up to date by subscribing to my blog or using the contact form to email me and get added to the mailing list. 2023 is shaping up to be a goodun’!

Enjoy this beautiful month of love, giving adoration to yourself as well as your partners and loved ones.

Om Shanti,


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