Newsletter – January 2023

The Year of Sensitivity.

Happy New Year Everyone! I come to you fresh from the most wonderful Christmas travelling Europe and spending quality time with my partner, family and friends. I like to take long breaks away from work and teaching – number one, to promote a healthy work/life balance (although I love what I do, I believe in a world of more play less work!) and number two, to gain some life lessons that will help to consolidate what I have learnt, and to learn more things that I can apply to my teaching and coaching.

When reflecting upon the start of this year and how I wish to start the first newsletter of 2023, I drew on the Astrology of this week (we have a Moon Bath coming up this Wednesday 4th @ 7PM, so this is very much at the front of my mind right now). On Friday there is a full Moon in Cancer at 23.07PM UK Time. Cancer is a water sign, and brings with it heightened emotions, sentimentality and sensitivity. I decided that this is going to be a huge theme for me this year. I believe 2023 is a year that we need to become more sensitive.

I don’t mean that we take on the shadow side of sensitivity, becoming overwhelmed by emotions and allowing every little thing to get to us and knock us off of our perch. This is a very quick way to begin allowing the rest of the world to control your reality and how you view the world. What I mean by us becoming more sensitive is attuning ourselves to the subtleties in life. Becoming more sensitive to others – their body language, needs & emotions. Becoming more sensitive to ourselves – our own needs an how we can soothe our nervous system. Becoming sensitive to the small pleasures, and feeling them as if they are the big moments (because truthfully, they are). And becoming sensitive to the universe, the Earth and it’s wisdom – to which we are all connected. There is so much compassion and humanity in being sensitive. We were given 6 senses for a reason, so lets utilise them carefully and consciously to our benefit as a collective. Not by dumming them down and slapping them with stimulus. But by stripping back and fine tuning. If we all had a little more sensitivity about us, I believe the world would be a more gentle, loving place.

As mentioned in the early part of this newsletter, we have a Moon Bath for this Full Moon in Cancer on Wednesday 4th January from 7PM-9PM. There are a couple of spaces available, so if you wish to feel into becoming more sensitive in 2023, then drop me an email to book your space!

My big offering for 2023 in collaboration with my mum Sam at Elysium Holistic Therapy, is the Listen Retreat in Andalucia this April. This 4 day weekend retreat was birthed from our own journeys of becoming more sensitive to the inner workings of our hearts and souls. We wish to give others the chance to listen to their own inner landscape in the most magical setting in Spain, complete with pool, incredible views of nature, daily Yoga (Vinyasa & restorative), gong therapy, luxurious treatments and vegetarian/vegan food. It is set to be the perfect weekend to gift to yourself for your own personal and spiritual evolution. For more information and investment prices visit the retreat page.

We have almost sold out ‘A Date With Your Soul’ the next Women’s Yoga Day with Parties by MJS on Saturday February 18th from 12.30PM. To gain yourself spot and honour your femininity and self love for Valentines Day, drop me an email.

Classes begin as usual (both group and private) from Monday 9th January. The community that we have created together that shows up each week with a dedicated practice is astounding and I am so humbled. If you would like to join us then visit the classes page to see what suits you. If you have another collaboration in mind, please contact me directly! I am very open minded about where this work can go and would love to hear from you.

This year is going to be big. Not the wild, exhilarating big. The wholesome, community orientated, all expansive love big. It’s time to transform. And I am so here for it.

Om Shanti,

Ciara X

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