The ‘Listen’ Retreat – Andalucia 2023

A lot of my Dharma (purpose) in this lifetime has been surrounding creating experiences for people to move through. Thinking back to performing – the art of facilitating a story for people to experience. Waitressing. My current office work creating events. And now the one that I feel is most important and my TRUE purpose on this Earth – creating experiences that allow for people to move through their own healing – emotionally, mentally, physically or spiritually.

Since about 6 months into my teaching journey clients had been asking me for a retreat. I held off for a little while. I had been a little overwhelmed by the prospect and wanted to find my footing as a teacher, coach and space facilitator. I also knew that such an investment for myself and those attending needed to come from the heart. I also knew that the team needed to be full of people who spoke to my soul in what they did. I believe everything comes in its right time. And boy, has this retreat come at it’s right time. And to top it all off, I get to share the experience with my wonderful mum (Sam at Elysium Holistic Therapy), who will be co-hosting with me.

It was whilst I was driving along that the concept for this retreat fell into my heart. Mum and I had been playing around with ideas for a while but nothing had quite stuck. It had all seemed a little surface level, and those that know me know I am certainly not that! If you’re coming away to retreat deep rest, and transformation should be involved. The experience needs to give you the opportunity and space to move further than you can under ordinary circumstances in day-to-day life. So much of my journey has been practicing how to listen to the whispers of my heart that can so often get lost under the screams of the ego. When we slow, steady the nervous system and feel into our body we can hear the whispers of wisdom and love. If we learn to tap into this, our lives can radically transform. It was in the silence of a solo car journey that I was given the space to hear the whisper of my own heart. It was so fleeting that if I hadn’t practiced tuning in to myself, I would have missed this precious idea. That THIS was the theme and over-arching teaching of our retreat.

If you choose to come and ‘Listen’ with us in April, you will spend 4 nights immersed in the hills overlooking Morocco in Andalucia at the stunning Huerta Belinda. You will have morning Vinyasa flow classes and evening Restorative Yoga, gong baths and sharing circles to allow yourself to shed layers and listen deeply to others, as well as plenty of time for your own peaceful silence to listen to yourself. You will be nourished with sumptuous vegan and vegetarian food to allow the body to cleanse of anything that may be aggravating your nervous system. The team will be on hand to listen to you in any way you need. All 4 days will give you time to come home to you and LISTEN.

We would love to share this experience with you. If this experience calls to you, then head over to the retreat page to get more information, meet the team and discover investment.

We are looking forward to having you there in April.

Om Shanti,


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