You Are The Sign

On my path, I have discovered so many tools that have helped guide me and make decisions – from angel numbers and tarot, to oracle decks and spirit animals, to the advice of mentors, psychics and healers. They have, and still continue, to serve me well. But there can come a point where these things work to your detriment. Like everything in life, the use of a spiritual tool requires respect & balance.

Most of you know from my story that I used to suffer with chronic anxiety. Sometimes it still pops up. In moments when my mind is firing thoughts and my body wants to run away from itself, I’ve learnt that the worst thing for me to do is to look for signs outside of myself. Because in that moment, everything to me looks like impending doom. It becomes so hard to make rational sense of anything. So the things I see as ‘signs’ and the decisions I make from that space are probably not truth.

The universe doesn’t leave anything out. Everything is available to us all of the time. We have a choice in whether we always focus on the good, or the not so good. The same goes for what we seek as guidance outside of ourselves. I am definitely not denying the clear as day universal signs that we are sent. In moments of true despair and panic I have asked for support and seen a white feather. I definitely take that as a sign that I am protected. Sometimes signs also come along to wake you up when you’re clearly not listening. But often (especially if you are in a state of being undecided) the universe can show you all of your options in the form of signs. I found this most when I was in my highest state of fear at the beginning of my awakening. Everything I saw spelled failure or upset, because the Earth was a direct reflection of what was going on inside of me. Life has ups and downs, so on days when you feel great and all is peachy, the signs will be just that. On the days where you just can’t get a hold of yourself, the signs will reflect this. You know how I speak about not giving your power away to others to dictate how you feel? We can do exactly the same thing with these spiritual tools if we allow it. You can still begin to outsource your power, rather than finding it from within.

It’s important to remember that the guidance I mentioned above can be super helpful and will certainly give you perspective and understanding, but ultimately, you are the sign. How you feel in your body tells all. And if you find your mind looking for all kinds of things outside of yourself out of fear, it’s probably time to come back to you. Meditate, go for a walk, sing, dance, whatever it may be. Find the answer from within. When calm, maybe then is the time to pull a card so that you can read with clarity.

Give yourself the time and space to trust in your own senses. You will always know what’s best for you.

Let me know what you think of the above – let’s share our individual knowledge and expand eachothers hearts.

Om Shanti,

Ciara X

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