Developing Patience

Something I have really had to learn to do in my life is develop patience. I am such an excitable person, I want things to happen straight away, in exactly the way I want it and exactly the way I think it. Patience is something ongoing that I am cultivating every day, because it’s all too easy for me to leap back into wanting something right away, as I’m sure it is for many of us.

The society we live in is one naturally conducive to impatience. The modern world is conditioning people to not know how to wait for things, with next day delivery, Amazon Prime, TV streaming services on demand, likes and notifications that hype up our nervous system. The constant feeling like we need to reply to texts, emails, messages as soon as we are sent them. I learnt this for sure at the beginning of my healing journey. When I told my mum what was happening to me she sent me to a fabulous therapist. I was under the impression that after one session, I would be cured. All of the anxiety would be taken away, it would take one hour and after that I would be totally fine. I was shocked when I left that therapists house and I didn’t feel like a totally brand new person. This in fact happened a few times. I went to various holistic practitioners and imagined myself walking away totally fine. And each time I didn’t understand why that wasn’t the case. That is not me saying AT ALL that the things I did throughout my spiritual awakening didn’t work. Incredibly beneficial things were uncovered and cleared in those sessions that moved me forward in feeling like myself. But the real progression happened slowly, bit by bit in my day to day life. It took me a long time to fully feel free in my body, and even now I have some days and situations where anxiety smacks me round the face. But why wouldn’t it, because anxiety was a habit that I had ingrained in myself for 21 years. So naturally the healing journey is going to take time, with peaks and troughs. I would have to hold my own hand and guide myself through every day, not just for one hour. And what I’m talking about here is the epitome of this day and age. We are a ‘pill for every ill’ society. We think that if we take something the problem will just go away. But often that isn’t so. It just numbs us out, prevents us from totally feeling and going on that journey. Medication is a very necessary part of healing in some cases. But in lots of cases, it prevents us from looking at the root cause. Healing takes time. Creating new habits takes time. And the key is definitely patience. But what you gain from that patience is worth it tenfold. A more natural unfolding happens, rather than forcing. There is something to be said for enjoying the journey.

Patience doesn’t just apply to our health though. It needs to be exercised through all areas of our lives, from relationships to careers. Again, this is a huge one for me. Take relationships for example. Why should anybody text you back straight away? Why should things move in a certain way, at a certain pace? Honour their time, honour your time, and have patience. This will allow things to unfold in the way they were intended and will allow you to learn all you were meant to, rather than bypassing something beautiful to get to the destination quicker. Would you rather use the motorways and cut off half an hour, or use the longer but more picturesque costal roads to get to your destination?

The same goes for material possessions. Can we rest in the gratitude of what we already have, as opposed to reaching for the next thing that can get to us as quick as possible? Is this a quick hit of dopamine masquerading as the need to find something deeper that may take a bit more patience to cultivate? Can you enjoy the journey and the unfolding of all you desire?

There is so much beauty in patience, and I’m so grateful that learning it has been such a big part of my journey. I don’t think I would have found so much strength and resilience in myself if I hadn’t of had to wait for things to change. Do you need someone to walk with you whilst you cultivate patience on your personal journey? Whilst also holding space for you, giving you tips and tricks and helping you work through any blockages that prevent you from stepping into your most compassionate, awakened, patient self? Then head over to the ‘Compassionate Awakened Coaching’ page to find out how I can help you bring to life the tools, love and power that exist within you.

Have there been moments where patience has paid off for you? Is being patient something you struggle with? I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments.

With Love, Light & Best Wishes,

Ciara X

2 thoughts on “Developing Patience

  1. I relate to much of what you say here. I always want(ed) everything yesterday. Impatience is in my wiring. I think it is tied into *desire* & when you address desire – for more or other or this & that – and work on being happy with what you have, the need for patience loosens some of its hold. I’ve realized that for me anyway, there isn’t a Big Pay Day coming where my patience pays off. The rewards are small and cumulative.

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing Colette, your words are beautiful and I totally agree with your perception of patience! I feel the same – the practice of gratitude really does help you to be at peace with right now. And there is never a destination, the stops we make on the way are really the most amazing rewards if we choose to notice them! Thank you, and I’m so pleased the post resonated with you 🧡

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