Newsletter – October 2021

Craving Ease

This week we have had something occur that has floored me in every way – physically, emotionally and spiritually. I have so much gratitude and love in my heart for the fact that I have my spiritual practice to keep me grounded and faithful. The universe brings things that happen for us, not to us. Events occur to help us elevate further and I know this is happening so I can heal and help serve humanity in greater and more expansive ways.

Having said that, this has still hit me like a truck. I will always be honest with my story, my life and the way I live it in this space, because no matter how far along the journey we are we are all still beginners really. We are still human and doing our best with where we are from moment to moment. This week, I have done ALL of the emotional eating. I’ve been craving sugar, comfort, convenience. Initially, the habitual voice of showering myself with guilt appeared. ‘You’re a Trainee Health Coach, how could you not look after yourself in this way? You’re so disappointing.’ And then I realised – what if eating what I’m craving IS the best way to look after myself in this moment? I don’t eat half a tub of chocolate ice cream for lunch (which I did today…) every day, but maybe I need to today. I cut myself some slack and realised I am enough, even when I am 50% Ciara and 50% chocolate ice cream. I’ve still been getting some vits in from a bit of veg this week. And I know this will not be what my diet looks like every week. So I cut myself some slack.

I realised from my cravings that I am not really craving sugar. I am craving love, I am craving support (from myself mainly but also others) and I am craving EASE. For things to be as easy as possible so I can do as little as possible and focus on holding space for myself. For everything to stop and slow down for a minute. So as well as giving myself a little bit of free reign with my diet, I also have done the same with my productivity (another thing hat habitually I am hard on myself for). I have taken a step back from certain areas of my life to free up the sludge in my mind, just to make things a bit easier. And that’s okay. A few years ago I would’ve beaten myself up for this. Now I congratulate myself for recognising the need for a little space. But how did I recognise this? I listened to myself and my body. It’s subtle and not so subtle signs. A big indicator that I needed to do this was the fact that as soon as this situation occurred I developed a cold. Knowing that our bodies always communicate with us, I turned to Louise Hay’s book ‘Heal Your Body A-Z – The mental causes for physical illnesses and the way to overcome them’. The meaning of developing a cold is ‘too much going on at once, mental confusion & disorder’. Hit the nail on the head. Our bodies are so clever. So for now I’m making things easy. And I’ll phase everything back in when I know I’m ready. And I now know that it makes me just as strong than if I were to just keep going. If not more so. It’s more than okay to want things to be easy. We weren’t designed to live life the way are programmed to now days. It doesn’t make you lazy.

As we enter October we will move into the last half of the final beginners course for this year. But don’t worry, this 6 week course designed for those who have never done yoga before or those looking to start up their practice again, will start up again in January. Dates will be confirmed a little closer to the time. I am still taking bookings for all levels classes, with 2 timeslots (6.00PM and 7.30PM on Wednesday’s). If you have an existing yoga practice then you can drop into this class for £10 per session. Please contact me before arriving to check that there is space.

Below are the October dates for the Moon Baths. I run these events with my mother and am always so honoured to share such a sacred space with everybody. A Moon Bath is a 2 hour practice of yoga, meditation and gong therapy tailored to help you flow a little better with the energy of each moon. In October, we have sessions on Sunday 24th October 6.30PM – 8.30PM (Hunters Full Moon in Aries) & Friday 29th October 7.00PM – 9.00PM (Last Quarter Moon). Please get in touch via the contact page to book.

And finally, my Health Coaching info page is now up on my site. Please check the menu bar to take a look to see what Health Coaching is all about, what I do and how to start working with me.

I am so grateful that I have this space to come to that allows me to write and share, even in the hardest times. And thank you to those who read these posts and hold that space. So blessed and grateful.

With Love, Light & Best Wishes,

Ciara X

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