Newsletter – September 2021

Sacred Anger

I have really struggled with feeling angry. With knowing it’s okay to feel angry. My whole life I thought it wasn’t a good thing to feel it. In fact, anger scared me. I would do everything I possibly could to avoid confrontation. If faced with anger, I would shrink back down inside. God forbid I felt it myself. There feels as though there is lots of shame surrounding anger in society, especially for women. We are told that anger is definitely not a feminine nor lady like emotion. So don’t show your anger to the world, or you’ll go down in everyone’s estimations.

At the last full moon in Aquarius as I did my ritual, I pulled a card from ‘The Divine Feminine’ deck by Meggan Watterson. The card was Sekhmet, the Egyptian warrior goddess. The card spoke of how sacred anger is (and any strong emotion for that matter, but this card spoke of the unshakable feminine force of anger). And it really got me thinking about the energy that anger places within us. The intense heat that bubbles up with white hot anger is a very tangible form of energy. That anger is in fact a positive emotion. Almost, you might say, a creative emotion. Anger is what we feel when we see injustice in the world. It’s a knowing that something should be done differently. And it can be a powerful force of change, when used mindfully. Anger can be used as a fuel to set you off in a certain direction, that then leads on to us serving from our hearts. It felt right to talk about this for Septembers newsletter, because it seems like so much is happening in the world and sometimes you can feel powerless. But knowing your emotions and your anger are sacred, and finding the best way to channel that for you is certainly helping. Every little thing we do creates change.

September is pretty wild in terms of how busy it is for Compassionate Awakened Living, and I am LOVING IT. Thank you so much to all of the clients who make what I do possible through your support. It’s always an honour to serve you. We kick off September with a couple of Moon Baths (Friday 3rd and Sunday 5th). These are both sold out now, and our timetable for these going forward will be a little more sporadic however I will post any upcoming dates in good time on all of my socials. Instagram and Facebook are the best places to follow me for updates.

I also have the absolute honour of assisting Catherine Gallagher (Yoga With Catherine) with her Breeze Mini Retreat in Devon, alongside Sarah Wright who will be cooking up a storm. I can’t wait to be a sponge and learn all I can from these beautiful women over 3 days.

On Sunday 19th September from 10.30AM – 1.00PM I am hosting my very first workshop ‘Awaken Your Life – A Yoga In Action Workshop’ exploring the integration of yoga in your day to day life. The session includes an hour physical practice, 30 minutes break with homemade vegan snacks and tea and an hour philosophy discussion. The workshop will be held at Saints Green Place. I have a few spaces left, so if you are interested please contact me.

Pre final class of the last 6 week beginners course!

Lastly, the next block of 6 week yoga classes begins week commencing 20th September. I will be running Vinyasa Flow for Beginners on Mondays at 6PM (a 6 week commitment course) and 2 all Levels classes on Wednesdays (one at 6PM and one at 7.30PM), with the option to commit to 6 weeks or drop in. All classes are held at Saints Green Place and investment prices are displayed on my class page. The block will conclude week commencing 25th October. Please contact me directly to book onto either class.

Once again, thank you for every blog post read, Instagram story view and class attendance that has helped CAL blossom. Honour your sacred anger this month, and I hope to see you at a session soon.

With Love, Light & Best Wishes,

Ciara X

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