Newsletter – August 2021

Leo Season – Shine Your Light Bright

I LOVE Leo season. I am slightly biased, as this is my Sun sign. But as we move out of the water sign of Cancer and into Firey Leo at the end of July through to August, I begin to get really excited about celebrating the sign I was born under. There are lots we can learn from every sign, but I LOVE what we can learn from Leo.

We are in the height of Summer when the sun (should be) shining it’s light on the world for the longest period. Leo’s ruling planet is the sun, which explains the charismatic (and sometimes dramatic), life sustaining energy the sign exudes. Leo as a sign is creative, passionate, optimistic, confident and, most importantly, heart centred. The season calls us to focus on ourselves and the love we send out to our communities, which both go hand in hand. The trait here that I believe is important to focus on is this – Leo’s are heart centred. Allow your heart to lead you this month. Dropping out of your head and into your heart through any kind of practice that allows you to embody yourself will guide you through Leo season well. You may feel impulses to be a little more lavish, spark a little more self confidence or a deeper self love practice and to celebrate yourself in a more vibrant way. If these desires are coming from a heart centred place, in the true spirit of the lion, embrace it courageously. Besides, don’t we want to live all of our lives from the heart?! Celebrate yourself and all of your hearts desires this Leo season.

Something I have also noticed recently is that as humans, we are very quick to undersell ourselves. People with incredible achievements whom I love dearly will under play the value they have given out to the rest of the world, and I have to call them out and say – YOU ARE INCREDIBLE! Allow your perception of yourself to be one of wonder. Leo’s self confidence teaches us to shine brightly. Shine your light onto everyone you meet, everywhere you go! As you begin to fully embrace your awesome nature, you will notice people telling you you’re arrogant for doing so. That you’re too much, perhaps even selfish. But often when you shine your light brightly it can make some insecure and they can try to hold you back, as it makes them question why they aren’t shining their unique light. Of course, we want this light to come across with a loving nature rather than a self centred one, but when people question you for being your FULLEST MOST RADIANT SELF, don’t allow them to pull you down. Instead, bring them up with you! Tell them all the reasons why they too can emit the suns rays from within their heart! Why they too are a child of the sun and have unique gifts and talents that are beautiful and worth sharing. Imagine if we all shone like the sun. What a world that would be. And in the words of Marianne Williamson ‘It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us’. Lets turn that fear into all embracing love. Thank you Leo for all of the beautiful teachings this month.

By the end of August, those on the beginners yoga course will have embarked upon the very start of their yoga journey. It’s wonderful bringing the ancient philosophy and practice of yoga to those who have never experienced it before, especially teaching from a philosophy lens. It helps to continue the narrative that yoga really can be for everyone – and I am always honoured that students choose to start their journey with me. The next 6 week block of classes (both the beginners programme and the all levels class) begin week commencing September 20th. If you are interested in joining any of the sessions please do drop me an email, I would love to hear from you and answer any queries you may have.

I have also been brewing an idea for a series of workshops with Compassionate Awakened Living for those who wish to explore yogic philosophy deeper. ‘Awaken Your Life – A workshop exploring yoga in action‘ will be brought to Saints Green Place Yoga Studio at the end of September, with more news on this to be announced soon…

And finally, by the end of August I will have reached the half way point in my training with IIN. Oh my goodness… what a journey so far. It’s changing my life. I have begun to share snippets of my learnings over on my Instagram but I am still trying to find ways to bring this all to you in a concise and interesting way without getting overwhelmed. I know the universe will help me with this and I’m sure something wonderful will be birthed in the wake of this programme.

To round off this months news letter I call you to sit tall wherever you are. Place both feet firmly onto the floor, with one hand on your belly and one hand just above the naval on Manipura Chakra (The Solar Plexus, your inner sunshine). Take a few deep belly breaths. And then think of one part of yourself that you love that you could shine into the world unapologetically this Leo season. And if you feel called to, leave it in the comments! I would love to hear about the beauty that is within everyone of you and celebrate it with you.

Have a wonderful rest of your Summer.

With Love, Light & Best Wishes,

Ciara X

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