Allowing Creative Flow

I am taking 6 weeks away from teaching. Number 1, because my other job has now got super busy and I would not be honouring myself or my students if I continued to teach. Number 2, I thought it would be more sensible to commence fresh programmes when we can all get into the studio again week beginning May 17th (WOOHOO I can’t wait, stay tuned for more details). But most importantly, number 3, to rest a little. Because taking time to rest is one of the best things to unlock creativity.

It makes sense really. Whenever I’ve been busy with loads going on, I find I have less space in my mind and body to allow creative ideas to flow through. In a calm, rested state of parasympathetic nervous system is when you are in the perfect state to allow creative ideas to reach you. The moment I actually create room in my life for a new idea, it seems to arise. I swear it’s because the universe knows when I’m ready to think about it properly.

I also find that when I am resting and living my life in the moment, I notice more. And this for me is key for gaining inspiration for meditations, material, classes – even outside of my yoga work when I’m acting and gaining ideas for characters. Being present. Noticing what’s going on in nature. Noticing what is going on in the world, I with myself and the people I love. Noticing what experiences are sending me to learn from and translating that into a yoga class.

We don’t rest enough. The modern world isn’t set up for equal rest, work and play and it really should be. All aspects of ourself come in cycles, including creativity. And it can’t be forced all the time. My biggest piece of advice if you want to start a business but can’t find the thing, want to write a poem but can’t find the words – take some time off. Totally juxtaposing to what we are always told, I know. But truly, it will give you space. Give you clarity. Give you energy to hit the ground running when the idea flows through you. Because they will. When you don’t force. When you just allow.

With Love, Light & Best Wishes,

Ciara X

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