Newsletter – April 2021

Happy April Fools Everybody!

Is it just me or are we actually racing through this year…

In this months Newsletter I would like to talk about approaching things with a beginners mindset. It is officially the best thing to remember when challenged with difficult or unfamiliar opinions and points of you, and especially great for when you are being taken through information you already know. It opens up your mind and opens up your heart. Every day is a school day and we are all navigating what life throws at us, so it’s important to remember that at some point we all start out as beginners.

I have taken a big dose of beginners mindset recently as I embark on my course with IIN, training to become an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Along with there being SO much to take in (which is revolutionary quite frankly and I can’t wait to share everything), some things I have found I know from my research already. But what struck me is how information can hit you differently when hearing it from someone else the second time round. Approaching everything with a beginners mindset means you are open to experiencing something differently and perhaps taking more out of it than you did the first time. Where I may have kept something in my intellect after researching it previously, I may not have actually FELT it when receiving the information the first time. If I had remained closed off to new ways of expressing the same thing, I may have lost an opportunity to grow further. Adopting a beginners mindset helps to make everyday a little more exciting, and isn’t that really what we are all after? Next time the thought occurs in your mind ‘but I already know that’, stop and really listen. Or ask yourself the question ‘What is here that I haven’t noticed before?’ You may surprise yourself by taking a little more in than the first time round.

My classes still continue this month on Zoom and I eagerly await the day that we can step back into the studio in person. I am running All Levels Vinyasa Flow on Wednesday’s @ 7.30PM and Meditation on Thursday’s @ 8.00PM. Check out the classes page for more info, or reach out with an email if you have any queries. I hope to also give you Moon Bath dates soon.

As my health coach training is underway, I would like to use this newsletter to answer a question some of you may be having – What is a Health Coach?

The best way to understand what is a health coach is this – it’s like a life coach, but specialising in health. A Health Coach holds space for and supports a clients personal health and wellness transformation in a bio-individual and holistic way, whilst encouraging the client to find answers within themselves. Health Coaches bridge the gap between other areas of healthcare and the public by helping to give structure to a clients transformation journey, empowering the client in their own health and taking a preventative approach to health and wellness. I can’t wait to put my Compassionate Awakened Living stamp on all of the life changing information I am learning and have conversations in an area I am so passionate about. I am unsure as to whether I will coach yet or whether I will find another way of sharing, but am I am SO excited with what is opening up in front of me. There truly is a health and wellness revolution happening and I am unbelievably grateful to be a part of it.

What areas of health and wellness are you interested in? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you.

With Love, Light & Best Wishes,

Ciara X

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