Compassionate Awakened Living – Why The Name Change?

You may have gathered from my site, my social media and other platforms that I have been brewing a change for the new year. One I am so excited to share with you all.

Welcome to Compassionate Awakened Living!

What happened to Calm Within Yoga I hear you ask? Well, there are several reasons as to why I decided to go down the avenue of a name change for my business. And it started with a little redirection. Without going into too much detail, I had a little nudge from the universe to go down a different avenue with my business to allow for more growth. I heard a phrase on a podcast a little while ago that said ‘rejection is redirection’, and I certainly agree.

I left Calm Within Yoga behind as the more I wrote about my life, how I implement and live the teachings of yoga in the best, most honest way I can and my beliefs with other spiritual practices and philosophy, the more I discovered that Calm Within Yoga didn’t seem to ring true. I don’t always find calm within my yoga practice. Some days I really do find peace and calm, but other days I leave a practice not feeling calm at all! I may feel elated, energised, ready for my day. I may feel like balling my eyes out because my practice that day moved something within me energetically. And when I bring the teachings into my life off of the mat, especially in more difficult situations, sometimes it definitely isn’t calm. I wanted to have a business name that encompassed the whole truth of what the teachings of yoga bring – being aware of yourself, others and the world and holding compassion for all beings under all circumstances as you learn to navigate life.

But equally, although yoga is my first love within the holistic space, I have SO many different interests with regards to ancient philosophy’s, spiritual teachings, plastic free living, nutrition, wellbeing, natural health – anything that brings us back to nature and the true essence of our being. I am always reading and learning from those around me and my surroundings. I put most of these learnings into my blog. I am always creating in any form (I am trained as an actress first and foremost, it appears to be in my blood!), whether that be through writing Yoga flows, poems, dancing before I leave the house in the morning, singing, cooking, journal prompts – you name it! Having Compassionate Awakened Living as my business name allows it to grow in any direction within this beautiful container, with any topic that calls me to action! As well as Yoga, I will be able to offer other services when I feel called to that compliment the business and all I – and it – stands for.

How did I come up with Compassionate Awakened Living? You may have noticed that my previous business name was my initials. That was something I really loved and wanted to keep. So, a fun fact about me. My middle names are Amy Liane (Amy after my mums grandma and Liane after my lovely aunt who shot the main photos for this site). It encompasses me and all I stand for. It is something I am truly proud of.

I am so excited and grateful for this new chapter for Compassionate Awakened Living. Whether you join this community by perusing the blog, taking one of my yoga classes or if we meet at a future offering (who knows where the universe will take this!), I will be overjoyed to welcome you with open arms.

With Love, Light & Best Wishes,

Ciara X

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