Newsletter – December 2020

Dive Into December

Hello Everyone!

December sees us enter a festive period for many (one of my favourite times of year, Eek!)

I love so many aspects of Winter – thick frosts, wrapping up warm to go Christmas shopping and spending time with the family. This year will be slightly different and it could mean even more time spent with your immediate family members in an already intense season. Dependant on your family dynamic this could bring a little bit of heat to the chilly December night. That plus the arising energy that is being created in the world from astrological and energetic movements could make for a pretty intense cocktail of emotions. So now is an important time to set your boundaries for the festive period. I have to thank my fantastic mentor Catherine Gallagher for covering this in her Empower programme and spurring me on to include this in my newsletter.

Boundaries are such an important part of our emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing which is so often overlooked, especially at this time of year. Make time for yourself and your practice over the festive period. It doesn’t make you antisocial to schedule in your meditation, to go for a festive walk on your own or or to skip a Zoom games night if you feel your bed is calling you. If you are worried about upsetting people, just know that if you don’t set aside time for you, you will deprive yourself and others of you being fully present for the things that you do want to show up for. For me, I know that if I get tired I begin to get cranky. So at family gatherings of any sort at a certain point in the proceedings I have to say thank you and goodnight, not only for myself but also for others. Setting that boundary (which my family members respect) means that the memory of the evening remains lovely for all. Sit down with a pen and paper and work out what boundaries you want to set for yourself. It doesn’t make you selfish. How you give to yourself will determine how you give to others.

Although yoga classes will be on pause until the New Year (a boundary I must set for myself to allow for a little ‘me’ time as Christmas work builds) I will be continuing Thursday meditation sessions until the 17th December to help guide you to stillness this month. Mum and I will be holding Moon Baths for the New Moon in Sagittarius on Sunday 13th and the Full Moon in Cancer on Sunday 20th. Please email me for further details about these events.

I am proud to announce that I have launched a charity event entitled ‘Seasonal Sunshine’ in aid of Kids Inspire on 21st December at 10AM. This is 90 minutes of Yoga, meditation and journal prompts to ignite your inner fire. For more information regarding how to get involved or donate, visit my seasonal sunshine blog post or contact me directly.

I am wishing you all so much love over the festive period. Make time for yourself, bring yourself sunshine and keep riding those high vibrations that you create for yourself into the New Year.

With Love, Light and Best Wishes,

Ciara X

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