Newsletter – October 2020

Open Up To October.

Hello Everyone!

This month is super exciting. Not only are we taking a giant leap into Autumn – cooler days, falling russet leaves and all of the beauty that comes with it – but we have THREE fabulous moons this month. But more about them later…

As we enter the home stretch of the year of 2020, the energy is going to heighten. I know it may seem like we need a break after the last 10 months, but we are hurtling towards the most beautiful energetic paradigm shift as the age of Pisces hands the baton over to the age of Aquarius. So hold onto your hats!

We are coming into October with cooperative, gracious Libra, which will then switch to Scorpio from the 23rd.

On the 1st of October we had a Full Moon in Aries at 10.05PM (UK time). Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, so a new beginning is upon us to mark the start of Autumn. Although this post has come out after the first of the month, the energy of the Full/New moon tends to linger for 3 days either side, so see if you can harness the self empowerment and inner strength that this moon provides to help move you forward. One thing in particular that this moon tells you is to remember your freedom, and know that you have a right to choose. If you want to know more about this particular full moon and her energy, please contact my mum at Elysium Holistic Therapy.

Each month when the moon lands in the same constellation as the sun we have a New Moon, and on Friday 16th October at 7.30PM (UK time) we have a New Moon in Libra. This energy could manifest itself in indecisiveness, stress, anxiety and lethargy. Remember to use this time to go within and listen to whether these fears and feelings are rooted in truth, or whether they have been brought up as illusions in the fluctuations of the mind.

Finally, to close off October, we have a Halloween Blue Moon on the 31st. What a FABULOUS moon to end the month on! This rare celestial phenomenon occurs when 13 Full Moons fall in a year, as opposed to the usual 12. It is where the phrase ‘Once in a Blue Moon’ comes from. This moon falls in Taurus at 2.49PM (UK time). Taurus is an Earth sign, grounding in nature. However, this energy could be conflicted by the veil between the spirit world and mortal being thinner than usual as a result of All Hallows Eve. Nevertheless, the Full Blue Moon will shed some welcomed light coming into November.

If you would like to dive deeper into these moons and how you can harness her energy for the benefit of yourself and others, we are hosting Moon Baths on Friday 16th October from 7-9PM for the New Moon in Libra and Sunday 1st November from 6-8PM for the Blue Full Moon in Taurus. Please email me for more details and to reserve your space.

I am continuing to run beginners classes at Saints Green Place Yoga Studio (please see the classes page), with a break for half term in between. I have been busy learning more and gaining inspiration to create new beginners courses and classes for the beginning of next year. I am so excited to share those plans with you all soon.

To help you take forward the self empowerment of Aries into the month, I will leave you with these words from Dr Steve Maraboli:

‘Your greatest self has been waiting your whole life; don’t make it wait any longer’.

With Love, Light & Best Wishes,

Ciara X

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