Give Yourself A Break!

Over the past couple of weeks you may have noticed that I haven’t posted a general blog update, as life has been pretty hectic. I have started a new job, been writing classes and learning more new material to teach, and have been enjoying the last of the summer in Lancashire and Cornwall.

In previous days, it would have really bothered me that I hadn’t got a blog post out when I would have liked. But in all areas of my life (not just work), I have decided to give myself a break. Cut myself some slack. Not so much that I don’t have a drive to push forward and manifest my visions. It’s important to have Tapas (self discipline) too, that fire that keeps you moving forward. But forcing yourself to do anything when you just don’t have the time is never a good idea. Not only will it take the enjoyment out of the task you need to complete as it will feel forced and uninspired, but it will also take the enjoyment out of whatever else you are doing at that time. You restrict your ability to be present if you are constantly thinking about what needs to be done that you don’t have time for.

Let your impetus for action come from the moments of rest that rejuvenate and inspire you. This is your reminder that the world won’t stop turning because you need a little more time to complete a project so that it can be work you are proud of. The achievement will then taste even sweeter when it comes to fruition.

Give yourself a break. You’re doing great.

With Love, Light & Best Wishes,

Ciara X

This photograph is of the beautiful ‘Mud Maid’ sculpture at The Lost Gardens of Heligan, Cornwall.

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