Newsletter – September 2020

Step Into September.

Hello All!

I honestly can’t believe we are in September already. We are the majority of the way through what seems to have been a turbulent year for many of us. Hopefully you all managed to soak up the joys of Summer before we take a step into the cool, crisp Autumn days.

We have come out of fiery Leo season, and up until 22nd September we will be in loyal and practical Virgo, before Libra takes over at the end of the month. With this orderly and logical nature of the Earth sign Virgo, now is a great time to get organised. Allow any changes you make to be practical rather than pedantic to make this season as smooth sailing as possible for yourself. Progress, not perfection.

This month we have a Full Corn Moon in Pisces on 02.09 (UK) and a New moon in Virgo on 17.09 (UK). Full Moons present us with an outward energy, good for releasing what needs to be released, whereas New Moons are more quiet, introspective and great for reflection. Honour this for yourselves and go with the natural energies of the Lunar cycle. To aid you with this, my mum Sam Waterfield and I run a Moon Bath in line with the Lunar calendar. This sacred space provides 2 hours of yoga, meditation and gong. Our sessions for the Pisces full moon on the 4th and 5th are SOLD OUT, but please email me for inquiries about the upcoming Virgo New Moon bath.

My beginners classes are going ahead at Saints Green Place on Mondays at 6PM & Wednesdays at 7.30PM. Involving breathing, physical practice and relaxation/meditation, these are the perfect class to introduce you to the beautiful philosophy of yoga.

Schools are going back, which sets the tone for organised Virgo season. I will be looking at launching the Calm Within Youth 10 week program in time. I am still writing it, but I can’t wait to share it once it is complete. A logo has also been designed… so watch this space!

This Autumn, I hope that you ‘Notice that Autumn is more the season of the soul than of nature’, as so beautifully said by Friedrich Nietzsche. As the leaves begin to turn, gift yourself with the time to turn inwards and go with the change of the seasons.

With Love, Light & Best Wishes,

Ciara X

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