How can we learn from Yoga in this time? – Satya

Satya – Truthfulness

What does it mean to be truthful? Being truthful is something that we should always strive to be. And sometimes that’s hard. In fact, often that’s hard. There is a limit to how truthful we can be – in the sense that we should never be unkind in order to make a point of telling the truth. But telling a lie in order to protect and defend the ego is something that will often bring repercussions. The truth for yogis is that we are all one consciousness – we are all connected, the manifest and non manifest are one and we are not our thoughts and feelings. We are battling through a veil of ignorance, the ego, to reach the true self. I began to get on board with this idea and it certainly has helped me a lot. It still does. The truth may be different for you, depending on your beliefs, religious or otherwise.How can you be truthful to yourself now? Set yourself appropriate boundaries that feel right for you. You don’t have to be the person that says yes all of the time to please another. It’s okay if the answer is no sometimes. This helps prevent you feeling resent and anger towards yourself and others. 
The search for knowledge can also fall under Satya, to ‘know the truth’, whether that is the truth of the meaning of life or how to bake the perfect Victoria sponge. Not everyone wants to be pushing themselves to learn at the moment, and wherever you are with that, that’s okay. But if it did take your fancy, consider learning a new skill or reading a book instead of scrolling through your phone and dulling your brain (although I too am guilty of this). 
Whatever way you choose to search for the truth, allow the journey to be one of love and gratitude. 
Have a wonderful evening, and a beautiful and fulfilling new moon week. ✨

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