How can we learn from Yoga in this time? – Brahmacarya

Brahmacarya – Celibacy 

Celibacy – I can already hear the eye rolls coming from all of you with this one. Don’t worry, I too was the same when I first touched base with this Yama (ethical restraint). And yes, it is true that ancient Yogi’s (and indeed some modern Yogi’s!) conserved their sexual energy to undertake a more spiritual path. I am in no way suggesting that we all become celibate, because let’s be honest, for a lot of us that just isn’t practical. However, the point of celibacy for Yogi’s as I said earlier was conserving their energy & directing the focus of that energy on something that served them more.So the point I am making here is – how are you focusing your energy right now? Are you focusing your energy in a way that is serving you? That might mean turning your attention towards a project that needs completing. I realise not everyone will be in the frame of mind to plough on with a project right now, and at points the situation we are in is not one we would choose for ourselves. But what you focus your energy towards might help the outcome, how you feel and will indefinitely affect the energy that you are transmitting into the universe. Are you focusing on the lack, or the abundance in your life? Are you focusing on the negativity of a situation, or what you can learn from it? Are you allowing momentum to gather on your negative thoughts, or your positive ones? Sometimes this is easier said than done. If you are in a place where you are finding it hard to focus on something positive (I hear you, I’ve been there and I promise it will get better. Positive change will come from what you are experiencing) then turn your attention to something general. Appreciating nature is a great place to start. I will end this post by reminding you that this weekend is serving us a trio of energetic magnificence. We have a new moon this weekend, Summer Solstice and an eclipse. Turn the focus of your energy inwards. Focus on you. Take a bath, spend time in nature, sit silently with your favourite hot drink, journal, do yoga, meditate – take time to listen to yourself and what is going on inside you right now. You will truly thank yourself for it. 
Sending you love, light and best wishes for an abundant rest of your week, Namaste✨ 

One thought on “How can we learn from Yoga in this time? – Brahmacarya

  1. I searched “brahmacarya” in WordPress’s Reader, this came up. Brahmacarya is more than just celibacy. It’s hard, lonely, and has severe consequences. Was Bhishma the most powerful character in Mahabharata because of it? I chose this path years ago, and a day doesn’t go by when I, or rather my body, doesn’t seem to want sex and sensuality and intimacy.

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