Graduating as a Yoga Teacher in a Global Pandemic

Today I received my email to say I had passed my yoga teacher training. I am, needless to say, delighted. To be honest, a global pandemic was possibly one of the best things to happen for my training. Although I loved the beautiful Suryalila and the inspirational people I was training with, here is why: 

✨The physical practice, the texts and the teachings have grounded me. 

✨The yoga community – my teacher training crew and yogis throughout the world – have supported me. 

✨ The current climate that we are in has challenged me.

But the one thing I had to come to terms with was how do I GRADUATE as a yoga teacher in a global pandemic?! How do I begin to serve students in the best way during this time without physically seeing them? Not everyone wants to start something new in a time like this. That’s okay. Being present, just being, is the best thing you can be right now. As well as teaching children’s yoga for Captain Fantastic, I will be bringing you a steady stream of content throughout this time. The first of which, will be my ‘Pose of the Week’ video, designed for all, whether you have a regular yoga practice or no experience at all, to help you find calm right now, or later down the line. I will be teaming up with my mum and life long mentor over at Elysium Holistic Therapy in some exciting passion projects. I am both honoured and inspired that she is bringing me aboard to launch things for both businesses. I will also put out the occasional zoom class – which will be free during the lockdown period. I will post when those will be for those who want to join. For any private sessions, please email me directly. There is so much more learning to do. We learn through life after all. And I can’t wait to learn in class with you all soon. 

Namaste 🙏🏻💕 

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